Inspired. Equipped. Nourished.

Have you signed up for Donielle’s Fertility eCourse yet? It’s not too late!

I just completed the coursework for week one, which started this week, and I am so inspired!

In 2008, after intensively focusing on detoxification and nourishment (as she talks about this week), I finally got pregnant (after seven years of infertility & miscarriage) and carried a healthy pregnancy to term. (Praise God!)

Now, I’m ready to add some of those healthy ingredients back into my meals (oops, got a little lax on that…), and inspired to take a even few more steps!

Thankfully, she’s made it fairly easy so far. Every question I’ve had has been answered (plus, there’s a great forum!), step-by-step videos, and even a simple meal plan for the week!

(Thanks, Donielle!)

I wish we’d had this class before we got married. The information she provides gives wonderful insight to the natural ways of restoring health to your body, that would have been so useful.

After years of visiting doctors, we knew the conventional approach wasn’t working; especially with that vague “unexplained infertility” diagnosis.

If that is resonating with you, I highly recommend signing up for this class. At only $8 per class, it’s certainly less expensive than all those doctor bills we paid! (Plus, I believe this route was more effective in the long run, than any of the fertility work-ups the doctors wanted to do.)

I love that in this busy season of life, the amount of coursework was actually manageable. I completed mine while yogurt was on the stove, and the little ones were in bed for the night. (Then off to a warm bath!)

So, who wants to join me for the class? See you there!

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