Living a Simple Life #97- At the Sea

Living simply means taking time to rest and play.

Our sun-soaked, sand-eating, wave-diving family (along with some members of our extended family) set off on a quick jaunt to the beach for an overnight stay this week.

It was a delightful time of refreshment and inspiration, and a blessing to everyone.

Our time was filled with munching on sweet seaside treats, exploring the marina, gleefully freezing in the waves (with a few folks experimenting with surf boards!), humming worship songs, immersing ourselves in books and back-issues of magazines, long walks in the coastal breezes, late hours of board games & iced tea, and plenty of giggles.

We will be spending today unpacking, and sweeping the sand out of our bags (and ears and toes and books and blankets and…)!

I’d love to hear what you have been doing this summer. How are you simply cherishing the season?

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