Natural Bonding in Pregnancy

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When I was pregnant with my son, we chose not to do regular ultrasounds and other prenatal testing. This choice was met by surprise from many women, who assumed that an ultrasound/testing was essential for their information, “peace of mind,” and bonding with their unborn baby.¬†I am not writing this to offend, but hope that in sharing my experiences, it will encourage you to find joy in the simple, traditional pursuits of natural pregnancy.

I personally believe that ultrasounds or other tests should be used with discretion as a tool, not a “toy.” But there are some simple, natural ways to bond with your baby as well as avoid “surprises” during labor/birth!¬†Bonding with your child before their birth can easily be done with some “hands-on” methods, without the “invasiveness” of technology…

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2 comments to Natural Bonding in Pregnancy

  • Amy Clark

    I am in no way trying to be argumentative, but what is invasive about an ultrasound? I didn’t do them for “peace of mind”, OR to bond with my baby. Truthfully, I just thought it was “wicked cool” (to use my New England language), to be able to see my baby while it was still inside of me! I didn’t allow vaginal exams (until labor), nor any other type of testing. But, I really, really wanted to see what the baby looked like inside of me. Do you know of some medical reason why an ultrasound is/can be a problem that I don’t know of?


    Michele @ Frugal Granola Reply:

    @Amy Clark, Great question, Amy! :)

    I answered a similar question over at the original post. Here is part of my answer:

    I frequently have experienced (as a friend, and as a student family practice intern) many pregnant women popping in to their friendly doctor/midwive’s office for a visit wanting to “just to see” the baby- “for fun.” (I’ve even seen it offered to them “for fun!”)

    It is discouraging to see this sort of misuse; especially combined with many women’s obsession for an “exact due date” and knowing the gender “for sure,” as an attempt to allay fear, and control their pregnancy experience.

    Dr. Sarah Buckley (mother of four, and author of the inspiring book “Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering) has a good article here concerning responsible use of ultrasounds: (She & her husband are both physicians.)

    The ACOG & NIH still do not recommend routine ultrasound use during pregnancy; only for a specific medical indication, as ultrasound safety actually has not yet been “proven” conclusively. Unfortunately, many (most?) healthcare providers ignore this standard.

    I believe it is something women should responsibly research, and make an informed decision in their pregnancy, as to what is best in their situation.


    You can also see a previous post I did on this subject here:

    I don’t want to “open my gift early” by peeking unnecessarily as my child is ‘hidden” away, in the sacred place of the womb, as God works His miracles.

    It’s definitely something for each women to research, and make an educated decision about. :)



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