Natural Sap Removal & Hand Cleaner

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With a family of hard-playing/hard-working people spending a lot of time outdoors, I am frequently faced with the question, “How do I get this sticky stuff off?”

Between hauling firewood, working on the car, and playing outdoors, we regularly have to scrub sticky, dirty hands.

There are some commercial hand-cleaners available for this purpose, but their ingredient lists have some scary chemicals listed. (You can check cosmetic/body care ingredients at Skin Deep.)

I decided to find a more natural solution that would be safe for little ones. I received some inquiries on Facebook awhile ago, asking for my sap-removal solution, and here it is:


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Depending on the level of stickiness (and how much of the child is covered!), I have a few solutions I turn to. Wash as soon as possible; it’s easier to remove “fresh” sap right away, instead of at the end of the day.

  • If you have an orange on hand (the kind for juicing are best!), squeeze some juice over sticky hands (and rub a slice over the sticky spots, too!), and scrub. Rinse with water. If that doesn’t work, then move on to one of the following options:
  • For a very dirty, sticky mess, dilute a couple tablespoons of liquid castile soap with about 4 oz of water, and add a few drops of sweet orange essential oil. (This is a great solution for cleaning a very sticky child in the bathtub or shower. Mix the solution in a squirt bottle, squirt onto a washcloth and scrub!)
  • For an extra scrubbing option, use a natural Ayate Washcloth instead of a regular cloth washcloth.

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