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As we pursue wise stewardship with all that God has given us, a budget is essential. In addition to budgeting, it is important to keep track of the details with some basic bookkeeping.

I especially love the online budgeting and bookkeeping systems available now, that are affordable (and free!), and don’t require a special software to implement. Just sign-in, and get started!

    Home Budgeting

For our home budget, we have enjoyed using the free system at for the past few years. (It is especially helpful if you have someone who forgets to enter transactions into the bankbook, as it tracks your expenditures for you!)

    Small Business Bookkeeping

For the “Work-At-Home Mom” (WAHM) or other entrepreneurs, the free bookkeeping system at Outright is incredibly useful.

It’s a great way to keep the income/expenses balanced! Plus, at the end of the tax year, all your information is neatly organized to give your tax preparer access, if needed.

    Small Business Invoicing

For WAHMs or entrepreneurs who need an invoicing system, I have enjoyed using FreshBooks. (I use this system to send receipts and invoices for custom sewing orders.)

FreshBooks is great way to avoid those PayPal fees, as an alternative to PayPal invoices, if you think your client would prefer to pay via cash or check (although they can still have the option of paying online, if you prefer).

    Getting Started

If you need help getting a start with your budgeting, I recommend the Biblical Financial Study Small Group Student Manual or Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover.

What financial solutions have worked for YOU?

This post is part of Works for Me Wednesday.

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