Simple Homemaking

As I seek to bless and nourish my family with a welcoming home and made-from-scratch foods, I have found that a general homemaking routine keeps me motivated and organized.

I keep some leeway in my plan to stay flexible, and adjust for spontaneous outings, unexpected guests, etc, while still maintaining the basics.

Some projects are done daily, as maintenance, while others are done just once during the week, to save me time later.

Having a plan allows me to live simply, seeking to glorify God in my joyful stewardship of daily living.

Readers often ask “How do you do it all?” So, I thought by posting my routine, I could answer this question. (But let me know if you have further questions!)

Homeschooling lessons are typically done while I am doing prep in the kitchen, since the chalkboard and table are in the same room. Calvin will also do some of the lessons while I am sewing or writing.

Daily evening routines usually include:

  • Pull anything out of the freezer to thaw, soak grains, etc. for the next day’s meals, if needed.
  • Sweep dining room/kitchen, especially under little ones’ chairs.
  • Wipe down kitchen counters.
  • Tidy up living room (little ones help)– put away craft projects, books, and toys. Find the couch pillows.
  • Wash dishes and put them away. (I’m trying to keep up the habit of washing them after each meal, and Calvin helps!)
  • Family Worship Time.

Here is what a typical week looks like for me:

SundayMostly a day of rest and hospitality.

  • Turn on the washer to run a load of cloth diapers, if needed, while we are at church.
  • Water garden in the morning (Calvin does this).
  • A quick “wipe-down” of the bathroom and hang fresh hand towels.
  • Toss a meal into the crockpot for supper or a lunchtime potluck (ready for “unexpected” company, and a relaxing day!).
  • Finalize weekly meal plan.
  • Walk to church and help with ministries as needed.
  • Non-business sewing (fun projects for family or gifts) and/or reading.


  • Clean up from Sunday’s entertaining/resting! I start in the kitchen to tackle any dirty dishes.
  • Fold & put away any laundry (typically diapers) that was washed over the weekend.
  • Wash two more loads of laundry & hang on the line.
  • Simple “stove-top” meal prep for the week (soaking nuts/seeds for recipes, make broths, boil eggs, etc).


  • “Deep Clean” Bathroom.
  • Water garden in the morning (Calvin does this).
  • Wash cloth diapers and hang on the line to dry.
  • Fold any laundry from yesterday and put away.
  • “More intensive” meal prep for the week (baking bread, making yogurt, snack prep).
  • Go for a walk/outing with family and/or errands (post office, library).
  • Reading.


  • Wash a load or two of laundry, and hang on the line to dry.
  • Fold any laundry from yesterday and put away.
  • Bathroom cleaning “back-up” day (if unable to do this task on Tuesday)
  • “Catch-up” kitchen tasks (finish any prep work that didn’t get done yesterday, such as make butter, process garden produce, etc.)
  • Business Sewing (and planning with Calvin)
  • Write Correspondence as needed
  • Garden maintenance, as needed (quick dead-heading, etc.)


  • Business Sewing (and planning with Calvin)
  • Errands (post office, library) and/or walk/outing with family.
  • Water garden (Calvin does this).
  • Wash a load or two of laundry and hang on the line.
  • Fold and put away any laundry from yesterday.
  • “Wipe-down” of bathroom and change towels.



  • Discipleship morning with a mentor
  • Water garden (Calvin does this).
  • Weekly planning/prayer retreat afternoon (including weekly meal plan, schedule blog posts, etc).
  • Change bedding.
  • Fold and put away any laundry from yesterday.
  • Prep for any Sunday ministry projects.

Do YOU follow a homemaking schedule? What works for you?

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14 comments to Simple Homemaking

  • I’m curious if you have ideas for date night at home. When we moved away for graduate school we left all our family behind, which means we left all our free babysitters behind. So all of our date nights have been at home after kids are asleep, and it’s hard coming up with something new to do after a year of not going out together.


  • Thank you for this post! I’m in the process of overhauling our eating from almost all processed food *gasp* to wholesome food, and I’ve been treading water while it’s summer, but we start back to the homeschooling grind on August 9th and I see a definite need for me to formulate a schedule. I see a post on this in the near future on my blog! :))

    As for the date night question, great question! We have a similar problem, with 2 babies at home, and we do a lot of movie nights. We will feed the children and go out and pick up something to go from a nice restaurant for us. Put the kids to bed and then eat our dinner and movie alone. We’ve also gotten some games to play that aren’t candy land LOL and played some on occasion…. I’d love some more ideas too!


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  • I love the idea of a routine. As we are staying at home more, as opposed to traveling, I really feel like I could stick to one much better.
    Thanks for the motivation. I should write one up. :)


  • Thanks for posting your routine! I too love routines and feel so much better when I have a plan for my days. This post was encouraging because I have fallen away from our routine a bit lately, and this is inspiring me to get back into it.

    For me, it’s important to remember that routines eb and flow and require fairly regular tweaking as little ones change and grow, seasons change, and we have different commitments and requirements of our time. I’m at a place where my routine definitely needs some tweaking.

    I’m curious though, when do you make time for blogging and computer time, because you didn’t include that in your schedule. That’s what I am having the hardest time with – trying to balance maintaining my home, growing my blog, and having any time left over for hobbies or other personal pursuits, like sewing or knitting. It seems like a lot of my time is spent at the computer right now and I’m wondering how to balance that with the rest of my life.


    Michele @ Frugal Granola Reply:

    @Emily @ Live Renewed, Emily- you can see my mention of blogging on Saturday. :) I make it my goal to complete blog posts for the week that day, and then schedule them.

    For other “computer time,” that is typically done as part of my “business time” routines or during scheduled times for completing correspondence. Social media posts can be scheduled as well. Keeping things organized (such as with gmail’s archive feature), helps me complete tasks quickly, as well.

    I try to maintain connections with readers when I get a free moment throughout the day by quickly posting a response to questions, etc. (Make sure to set a time limit, so you’re not “sucked in” to hours of wasting time online!) :)

    When we haven’t had internet at home, I would only check email on my scheduled “errand days.” That sort of schedule might work for you. (I would prewrite posts in a document, and then copy & paste it into the blog post when I had online access.)

    I definitely believe it is important to set boundaries for yourself as to how much time you will spend online- there will always be *something* on your to-do list, no matter how much you get done today. :)

    I completely agree- our routines definitely change with the seasons!

    Thanks so much for your comment! Keep in touch.


  • What a great tool for organizing! I am in the process of re-scheduling my entire week since we are getting a herd of milk cows tomorrow! Now, we will be milking morning and evening. It will take some time from my day but also give me exercise so that won’t need to be scheduled!


    Michele @ Frugal Granola Reply:

    @Natasha, Milk cows! How exciting!

    Yum. Fresh milk (and butter and cream and yogurt and…) :)

    I didn’t put the basic in there (such as Bible reading, showering, etc.). I figured those were pretty self-explanatory. :)



  • Very helpful post! I’ve never been good at sticking to a routine but it is something I really want to work on, especially as we continue moving towards living more naturally.


  • Kendra

    Thanks for your post! It’s made me inspired to get more organized & have a schedule. I have a 3 1/2 year old & 8 month old. With this type of schedule when do you have time to play with your kids? Sometimes I find I have so much house stuff to do that my kids end up playing by themselves & then I feel guilty that I’m not spending time with them. How do you juggle this?


    Michele Reply:

    @Kendra, The cleaning/prep-work each day takes very little time. (We also have made a point to live simple, in small spaces.) I strive to have it all done by 10 am. This allows lots of time for play outside or inside as a family.

    Also, we make sure that we are teaching household chores along with us us. Lindsay at Passionate Homemaking did a great series on it. Here is one of her posts:



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  • Kendra H.

    We are looking at change on our horizon as well. I have 7 kids from almost 13 years old down to 2. The boys just got back from Honduras and we will begin homeschooling again this fall. So I did “brainstorming” a few days ago. We figured out what chores need to be done, how we are going to do school and how we would “play.” We figure we are a family (a team) so we work together as well as play together. I had final vote, but the kids enjoyed being a part of it. So now I have the results and I am putting together a routine. We are going to try it for a month this fall and then reassess. I think that is the beauty of homeschool and family. Try it. If you don’t like it or it doesn’t work, scrap it. If you have children old enough to voice an opinion, ask them…they are so creative (and usually simple). Still date night and such can be a creative challenge. I am not always successful, but flexible. There are so many times that I need to choose the family’s happiness over cleanliness (I’m talking clutter not filth). Usually it is a good “carrot,” though. i.e. As soon as the table gets cleared and everyone has teeth brushed and jammies on, we will…Kids can move fast, I tell you!


  • Hi there! JUst wanted to let you know I leinkd this article to my site with links back to yours. What a wonderful wealth of information you have here! Many blessings, Bekki


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