First Birthday!

My dear Enoch,

How quickly this year has passed! One year ago, we rejoiced at your birth, and embarked upon the adventure of life with our new son.
As we had bonded with you before your birth, we were readily familiar with many of the amusing and distinctive highlights of your personality and mannerisms, which became even more obvious once you were in our arms.

That sharp, repetitive twitchy kick of your foot when you’re hungry and the way you curl your toes, the fluttering wave of your hands when surprised by your sister, the excitement at Daddy’s voice, the way you insist on snuggling with Mama in the middle of the night (feel free to start sleeping now, though, lad), your calm in a soothing massage

Your exuberant joy at singing times and meal times, your fascination with vehicles, your thrill of the outdoors (while munching on tidbits from the garden), your certain determination in knowing what you want (we can’t change your mind!), your studious approach to discovering the world around you...

We love knowing you, cherishing you, and thanking God for the precious gift of you.

As we wrestle in prayer over you, we anticipate God’s amazing plans for your life. We eagerly await to see how He reveals Himself to you and through you in the days to come, as He raises you up to be a man of God.

May you always passionately listen for His voice, sweet boy.

Happy 1st Birthday!


Daddy, Mama, & Gen

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