New Life

We are rejoicing at the birth of a new nephew!

He was born yesterday afternoon, so he and Enoch share a birthday (how fun!).

The birth was a medically-necessary out-of-town cesarean (even though they live locally to us), so we will be making the road trip down to meet him.

As we stay available for any help the new mama may need (and hopefully some baby snuggles, eventually!), I will likely not be blogging much in the next couple weeks. (You’re welcome to keep sending your notes & inquiries, though. I do enjoy them.)

Thank you for your patience during this new season for our family. I am so excited to introduce some new projects for you when fall arrives! Make sure to get subscribed for free in a reader or by email, so that you’ll know when I write a new post.

(Have you connected with me on Facebook or Twitter? Those lovely readers are always the first to receive my announcements, sneak peeks, encouraging tidbits, and extra info! Feel free to suggest my page to your friends, too!)

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