Simple Homemade Gifts: Cloth Travel Book

By reader request, I will be starting to share some simple homemade gift ideas again (like I did last year) as we enter into the fall. I have some quick gift ideas prepared, for inspiration in preparing frugal, handmade Christmas gifts and little blessings.

I was recently inspired by the “Nifty Needle Book” (a travel-sized book for storing sewing/mending supplies) shown in the book Sew Darn Cute by Jenny Ryan. I have a dear friend heading overseas soon for missions work, and I wanted to send her off with a little “travel-sized” gift.

I made my friend a little cloth book for storing earrings & brooches during travel (just attach them to the felt pages in the book), using orange felt for the pages and this cute circle fabric for the cover:

The wool felt shown and recommended in the book would have been ideal, but I didn’t have any on hand. So, I just used the basic recycled “Eco-Fi” felt found in craft/fabric stores.

This is the perfect project for using a little piece of your favorite fabric you’ve been saving, or for a lovely bit you picked up from a remnant sale bin! It only takes a small amount.

I didn’t have the scallop-edged scissors for the pages, as recommended in the book, but I was able to cut a similar scallop edge, just by using some small, sharp embroidery scissors. (You can cut a small “stack” of the felt pages at the same time, for efficiency. There are only two pieces of felt, which get folded to make four pages.)

I do have a snap-setter (purchased with a gift card last year), but if you don’t have snaps, you could sew on some lengths of ribbon to tie the book closed with a bow, instead.

What would YOU put in this little book?

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2 comments to Simple Homemade Gifts: Cloth Travel Book

  • thank you! I know what ill be making for CHRISTmas this year


  • ashley

    this is so great! i am on the hunt for meaningful, yet not expensive gifts. my family is huge and growing even more every year and it gets expensive! my fiance and i will be having a house payment come January and we just don’t have that much extra. i will be searching for more amazing homeade gifts!


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