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We took a long road trip to visit Calvin’s grandparents this week. We had received word that his grandpa was in the hospital, and that he might be nearing his last days. So, at 4:00 am, we packed the little ones in the car (thankfully, they slept!), along with provisions for the trip, and headed out.

It was a blessed time of hugging and visiting a bit with family we rarely have the opportunity to see, and for the great-grandparents to meet the newest grandsons. There is still a lot of decision-making to be done for Grandpa, so please keep the family in your prayers.

We are back home now, settling back in, and looking forward to celebrating at the wedding of a sweet couple today!  What a joyous time, to see God beginning their new life together in the beauty of autumn colors.

{Photo Credit: jurvetson}

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