KS No-Waste Lunches Review & Giveaway!

Looking for a no-waste lunch solution? Stop by Kitchen Stewardship to read her review (and a huge giveaway is coming soon! Frugal Granola’s Reusable Lunch Sets are included in the review!

Just to answer a few questions/points brought up in her review:

  • The “mini” bag was included in the lunch set provided for review, since she has small children. If it’s too tiny for you, Frugal Granola offers larger snack/lunch sizes in small, medium, & large.
  • As is mentioned on the item descriptions in the store listings, the bags are not recommended for overnight storage for items that might go stale (ie, pretzels). They are perfect for keeping fruits or veggies packed ahead, or perpetually storing trail mix or small snacks in your purse/diaper bag. You can pack your whole lunch the night before, and then make a fresh sandwich in the morning to toss in. (That’s what we’ve always done.)

  • The washing instructions are on each product’s label. Please wash cold/tumble dry low. If you put them in the dishwasher, they will survive, but might shrink with those high temps. (Just don’t try it; Katie already did!) :)

  • The fabrics used are high-quality, boutique-style weight and prints (from designers such as Amy Butler). They are completely non-plastic, without nylon (which is also a form of plastic).
  • If you see a product in a style you like, but want it in a different print, let me know. If I have the fabric on hand, I can make it for you (without a custom-order price tag!). New “boy prints” just arrived, so I’ll be adding more soon!
  • Do you have a coupon code? Subscribe to the newsletter to be the first to know about great deals & more! (“Cause I know- frugal folks never pay full price- I don’t!) :)

Any other questions? I’d be glad to answer them! :)

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