Simple Kindergarten Homeschooling

Sonlight: Love to Learn

For the past couple weeks, our family has been using a new (to us) homeschooling curriculum. I hesitated to purchase one last year, frugally developing our own preschool projects.

But this year, we were all ready for something new.

In making our plans/decisions for schooling this year, we wanted to continue with items that would assist us in our pursuit of teaching in everyday moments and keeping life simple. Most of our homeschooling in the past has been a delightful combination of library books, and daily life in the outdoors.

But we needed that “extra something” to keep us on track (and not absorb our time in planning). It has been an incredibly busy year for our family, and will continue to be for some time. We needed more structure, as well as fun back into our learning/teaching times!

After much comparison (and requests from our daughter), we finally made a purchase. We chose the P4/5 – Exploring God’s World Instructor’s Guide from Sonlight as the basis for our homeschooling this year. (I love that they offer sample pages for everything; you really know what you’re getting!)

They offer “complete packages” as well as individual items. We purchased the first workbook in the “Developing the Early Learner.” series, as it seemed perfect for our daughter’s learning needs. As necessary, we can choose to purchase the others.

On our very limited budget, I was thrilled to find most of the fun Readers/Read-Alouds they recommend for the curriculum in our local library system! (The rest are also available inexpensively on Amazon, if we decide they are necessary.)

We love how this “curriculum” focuses so much on reading classic books together, and life activities. (Stuff we do anyway!) It’s been perfect for our family. The lessons also “coincidentally” tie in beautifully with our family worship/Bible-reading time that we regularly do in the evening.

After doing the helpful “Placement Tests, we selected the Horizons Math K set. Again, just the minimum, not a huge package; it’s easy to make “manipulatives” from stuff in your kitchen cupboards. (Gen loves it, and continually begs us to “do math!”)

I had to giggle when Calvin commented this morning, “I wish I’d had this when I was homeschooled.” (Because Sonlight’s motto is “The way you wish you’d been taught.”) :)

By the way, in case you were wondering, we kept our homeschooling budget under $100. That’s like $2 a week for a year, for the simplicity of teaching our daughter with peace of mind and fun in learning. Frugal enough for me!

This post does contain affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission if you choose to make a purchase. But you know I’d share this season of our homeschooling with you anyway! :)

Join me each Thursday for our Simple Living series! This is post #105.

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13 comments to Simple Kindergarten Homeschooling

  • We used this two years ago and are now on our 3rd year of sonlight! WE.LOVE.IT!!!
    Your daughter is going to enjoy it so much this year!!! I am now repeating this same 4/5 with one of our younger children and it is so good to see the investment used again! One of our favorite books that year was the bernstein bears science book! the kids could look at that thing everyday!
    To save money I ripped out the “Developing the Early Learner” sheets nicely and put hole punches in them and stored it all in a binder I already had. When we were needing to use a sheet I put it in a sheet protector and let the kids use a white board/erase marker on it and then they got to wipe it clean! Still works great now with the 3rd kid!
    Enjoy your year of learning!!


  • Sonlight looks amazing and I have really wanted my little children to use it, but it is very expensive. We have been reading the read alouds from the library. You have a great idea for frugally using Sonlight.


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  • Hi Michelle,
    I saw a really neat lady on TV today and she was so much like you. I thought you would enjoy her blog. She has lots of Gluten Free Recipes.
    Gen is growing up so fast. Seems like just yesterday she was a baby.
    Have a simple day.


  • We love our Sonlight:) Glad it is working for your family!


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  • Kathleen K

    We did something similar for our older children. I purchased instructor’s guides for Core 3 and 4 on EBay. Some of the books came with the guides. I made a list of the other books and carried it with me whenever I went to a used book store. The children knew to find a book to look at while I carefully perused the shelves. I found most of the books there, and the very few I couldn’t find, I was able to substitute. Our library is wonderful, and has many of the books, but they often weren’t available when I needed them, even if we requested them in advance. Since there is a younger brother who will use the curriculum in a few years, I felt it worth the investment. We probably spent less than $200 on the two cores, including the IG. By keeping them together, I plan to sell them on eBay and get much of the money back, if not make a small profit.


    Michele Reply:

    @Kathleen K, Great plan! :) I’m keeping my eyes out for many of the books now, too, since we’ve learned which ones we like, in planning for the little brother here, too. :)


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