Summer’s Ebb

A few rainy days earlier this week brought a hint of the coming autumn. Although the roses and zinnias still bloom brightly along our front walkway, and the garden still yields bite-sized delights, I feel a new season tip-toeing in.

It is a time for gathering and drying herbs, restocking spools of threads for wintertime stitching, preserving produce, taking restful Sabbath hikes in the woods, and collecting stacks of books for curling up under quilts.

I unfolded the flannel sheets this week, freshened up our stacks of homemade quilts (with the summer scent of lavender!), and discovered our little ones have begun outgrowing their “footie pajamas.”

We savor the warm, sun-toasted winds during the day, observing the occasional yellow and brown leaves landing upon the new mud puddles down the lane. We soak in the cooler evening breezes, lulled to sleep with the windows open to catch the fresh, rain-washed mountain air.

It is a time of new babies in our community, of a fresh start for schooling and ministry, and dreaming for the future.

Gen is delighting in her new kindergarten homeschool “projects” (as she calls them), discovering the joy of the numbers God has created, the awe of combining sounds to attempt reading words, and forming concepts on paper with a new pencil. She takes her “eldest daughter” role quite seriously, bustling about to “gotta do my chores,” and “take care ‘o the baby” with a precious “mommy instinct” emerging. My little girl is growing up.

Calvin calls Enoch his “wingman,” as our little boy insists on “helping” at our feet, emptying and closing drawers, exploring new heights of tabletops, and tagging along on adventures with Daddy, then settling in for a doze in his favorite spot- the Ergo.

God continually speaks to us of His provision, calling us to trust Him for our daily needs and the days to come. He calls us to rest in His peace, choosing generosity instead of worry. He is faithful.

It is a busy time, full of new pursuits, hospitality to drop-in visitors, and caring for our family. But it is blessed.

How are YOU savoring these last weeks of summer? What is on your “to-do” list?

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8 comments to Summer’s Ebb

  • It sounds similar around here! I can feel the crispness to the air this morning, especially.

    We are preserving foods via canning and freezing, I am drying herbs in the basement, I am attempting saving seeds for next years garden. We probably should also get out and cut some wood for the fireplace as well.

    Enjoy the change. <3


  • We had a late-summer heat wave this week (unusual for us) and today it’s cooler and rainy and feeling like fall is really on the way :) We are going to have a canning day today – salsa and mustard beans. I need to dry some herbs, too, and save seeds from my hollyhocks for gifting. We’ll be picking apples at a local farm soon, then I expect I’ll be making some applesauce and apple relish!

    (BTW, had the Peanut Butter Rice Pudding from your menu for breakfast this morning – YUM!)


    Michele Reply:

    @Karen @ Abundance on a Dime, Ooh- Hollyhock seeds would be a delightful gift! Great idea!

    I’m glad you enjoyed the breakfast pudding. :)


  • […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by frugalgranola, frugalgranola. frugalgranola said: Summer’s Ebb: A few rainy days earlier this week brought a hint of the coming autumn… […]

  • Last weekend we had a bit of a nip in the air that inspired me to can tomatoes. This weekend I’m hoping to savor the warmth of summer by picking peaches and having a BBQ, and hopefully taking the kids swimming one more time.


  • This is an especially beautiful post. I feel rested just reading it. Blessings to you!


    Michele @ Frugal Granola Reply:

    @Tiffany, Ah, thanks, Tiffany! :) I’m so glad. Thanks for stopping by.

    Blessings to you!


  • Tracy

    You write SO beautifully Michele! Here at the tip of the Southern Hemisphere our world is bursting into green and we’re enjoying the early spring harvest (greens, peas). You inspire me with your peaceful outlook – thank you.


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