Graham Gardens Giveaway ($64 value!)

As The Relevant Conference begins today, I am excited to host a giveaway from one of my sponsors, Graham Gardens! Our family is so grateful for their sponsorship, in helping us to attend this conference.

This lovely, family-owned business hand-makes Wholesome Skin Care products for every member of the family, and they’re offering a delightful gift basket to a Frugal Granola reader!

The basket will include:

1 Healthy Skin Salve, Large ($9.00)
1 Creature Comfort Salve, Small ($9.30) (perfect for pets/animal-lovers!)
1 BugBar ($11.50)
1 Butterbar, Small, Fresh ($5.50)
1 Butterbar, Small, Natural ($5.50)
3 Buttersticks, Fresh, Natural & Sweet ($8.25)
1 Avocado & Oatmeal Bar Soap ($4.00)
1 Botany Bay Eucalyptus Bar Soap ($4.00) (a fabulous “man” soap!)
1 Peppermint Candy Premium Lip Balm ($3.25) (Christmas stocking stuffers!)
1 Bright Day Lip Healing Lip Balm ($3.75) (perfect after our long airline flight!)

The total value of the basket, not including the basket itself, is $64.05.

Doesn’t that all sound luscious? To enter the giveaway, take a quick moment and check out the Graham Gardens website (isn’t it gorgeous?), and leave a comment on this post, letting us know which product you’d most like to try.

I’m savoring all these wholesome, pampering treats at The Relevant Conference; if you’re attending, stop by & visit with me, and I’ll share! :) If you’re *wishing* you were there, you can catch some of the sessions on live-streamed “MomTV” online here!

If you would like to stock your natural health cabinet (or wonderful, natural gifts!) with products from Graham Gardens, use discount code Relevant10 for 10% off your purchase (code is good for one year).

We are also thankful for our additional conference attendance sponsorship from:

  • NaturoKits– Naturopathic First Aid Kits (use discount code DCFRUGAL for 10% off through 10/31)

This giveaway will close 10/26, and I’ll announce the winner on 10/27.

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196 comments to Graham Gardens Giveaway ($64 value!)

  • Jessica S

    I’d love to try the butter stick! What a neat idea.

  • I’d love the bug bar for sure! Four kids + always outside = lots o’ bug bites, and I’m running out of my neem oil!

  • I’d like to try the Pure Plantain. I’ve heard so many things about it, but there isn’t any around me to try.

  • Hollaina

    I would love to try the Healthy Skin Salve since I get such bad eczema and rashes on the tops of my hands and wrists during the wintertime.

  • Sounds wonderful! Please enter my name. Thank you!

  • I think I am most excited about the soap. Real, good soap is hard to find at a reasonable price.

  • I’d love to try the butter bar, but the soap is exciting too!

  • Oh, I’d like to try all of them! But especially that bugbar. Thanks!!

  • Their website is beautiful, you’re right! I would love to try the plantain salve.
    Sarah M

  • Sarah

    There is lots I would like to try, especially the BugBar. I hate using bug spray especially on my 2 year old. It can not be good for her, and I would love to try a more natural alternative!

  • Beth

    The bug bar looks wonderful. What a great giveaway

  • Wow, I will definitely be buying Christmas gifts from this company! I want it all, but I would really love to try the Sweet Almond Oil! This is a great giveaway!

  • Well, I’d try any of the skin salves– dry skin is my winter’s bane. But I would especially love to get my hands on the Rugged Relief, because I think my husband would like having something a bit more manly– and he gets dry skin too! 😉

  • Melanie

    The Jasmine Floral Body Oil sounds “delicious”. Jasmine & Lavender have been always two of my favourites.

  • Angela

    So hard to choose! I would love to try the plantain salve or ANY of the soaps! I will be checking this website out more! Thanks!

  • Erin

    As a fan of jasmine, the Jasmine Body Oil sounds heavenly! Thanks for the opportunity to win such a wonderful basket of goodies. :)

  • Jessica

    The butter bar or the jasmine oil. I’ve been trying out new oils and lotions. Thank you!

  • Emily Smith

    I would love to try any of the butter bar scents!

  • Rugged Relief Salve – yummy!

  • The butter bars look AMAZING! I would love to try them. Thanks for hosting this great giveaway :)

  • Chelsey

    The bug bar would be at the top of my list to try, but picking just one would be impossible! I’m so excited there are all these goodies in one giveway…Thanks and be blessed at the conference.

  • amandà

    I would love to have the rugged relief for my husband – he’s a mechanic and gets such dry hands from washing them (and from the Minnesota winters!).

  • Ms. Maria

    I would LOVE to get the butter bar!! I’m certain it would heal my chapped skin.

  • Erin S

    The Jasmine Body Oil is calling my name!

  • amanda

    What a gorgeous website! I love it all. I believe I will try the orange lip balm. Thanks for the coupon code and the giveaway!

  • […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by frugalgranola, Graham Gardens. Graham Gardens said: RT @frugalgranola: Graham Gardens Giveaway ($64 value!): As The Relevant Conference begins today, I am excited… […]

  • Sara D

    I would love to try several things for my sons eczema, butter bar sounds great!

  • Gini Walker

    I would love to be entered into this giveaway. The peppermint lip balm sounds awesome & and the bug bar.

  • Jessica

    I would love to try a butterstick!

  • I love the “people” salves!!! Thanks for this great giveaway!

  • Verna

    I’d love to try the body oils for massages. :)

  • Karen

    I would love to try their soap. I must admit that I have bought their butter bars and they are great. I could use all their products. Thanks for a chance to win.

  • I have been wanting to try that bugbar. Best ingredients I have seen would be awesome to win!

  • Sharmista

    I’d love to try a butterstick and the peppermint lip balm! All their products sounds great!

  • Oh, wow! I love Graham Gardens! I’ve just discovered them a few months ago and LOVE everything I’ve tried so far. My favorite is the peppermint lip balm :-)

    What fun!

  • Genevieve

    I would love to try the Jasmine body oil. Between pregnancy and the cold, dry fall air my skin is really flaky.

  • Sarah F.

    Each of their lip balms look wonderful! Specifically the peppermint candy and coffee break.

  • Karma

    I have a few of their products- very nice! Kids really like them too. I might try an oil next. Great looking giveaway!

  • Edana

    I would love to try the bugbar, as a active outside loving family this certainly sounds interesting! Thank you for the giveaway.

  • Brie

    what a great website! Thanks for introducing them to me as I had never heard of them until today! I would love to try their butterstick. We mostly use coconut oil as our moisturizer, but the melting point does not make it convenient for travel! The butterstick would be so handy!

  • Stephanie

    I would love to try the bug bar! Thanks!

  • Veronica

    I would love to try the bug bar for my kids!

  • Deborah Chumley

    The website is wonderful! I want to try the healthy skin salve. I love what the reviews had to say about eczema and other skin conditions. I appreciate the care and knowledge they are putting into their products.

  • Rosa

    The butterbar and butterstick look like just what I need! Everything in the basket sound fabulous!

  • I’d love to try the Christmas Kitchen shea butter soap. I’m so ready for holiday smells!

  • Ooh, the healthy skin salve looks wonderful! In the past I’ve used the Neem salve, which is very effective, but it does not smell good. So I’d love to try something that offers healing with a lovely scent.

  • Vanessa

    The rosehip seed oil sounds great. I could use some tissue regeneration and anti-wrinkle therapy!!

  • Kelly E

    Looks like an awesome giveaway! Thanks for hosting. 😉

  • Laura D

    Oo, I’ve seen this site giving away products before! I would really like to try the butterstick or butterbar, but I’m also curious to try the bugbar. Natural insect repellent is always a plus!

  • I love their bug bars and salves. I think I’d like to try their lip balms .. I can’t decide what flavor though! Maybe peppermint candy.

  • I would love to try their new Christmas Kitchen Shea Butter soap! I love Graham Gardens products. They’re so great! (I can be reached at greatnarf [at] gmail [dot] com)

  • Rebecca

    Oh, I would LOVE to win these!!!!! My dd has such sensitive skin……

  • m

    I’d love to try lip balm.

  • Sunny Passmore

    I bought some items from Graham Gardens a couple of months ago when it was mentioned. They were fast to ship. I like them all!

  • Kristina

    What an incredible basket of goodies. Thank you for this opportunity. The website was really interesting.

  • Kristine Van Notric

    I would really like to try the Premium Lip Balm from Graham Gardens!

  • Lynn

    All of their products look incredible, but I would love to try their bug bar. Having a natural alternative to keep bugs at bay would be great and I love how easy it looks to apply.

  • Laura

    This all looks so great! I would love to try anything from Graham Gardens, but I’m especially intrigued by the lavender and coconut soap…it sounds amazing!

  • Adrienne

    Hi! I would love to try everything! Seriously – what a neat company! I really am interested in the body oils and the coffee break lip balm . I have been using straight shea butter but am always looking for a good one! Thanks!

  • I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to try to Bugbar!! I have two beautiful daughters with VERY sensitive skin and mosquito bites are ALWAYS a big problem for us!!
    What a great giveaway…thanks for offering it!~!!


  • Bernadette P

    Lip Balm all the way! LOVE natural lip balms. Thanks!

  • Kelly

    Great website! I would love to try the Bug Bar. My 2 year old daughter is highly allergic to mosquito bites. I’m going to buy some now!

  • KayLee I

    I would LOVE to try the pure plaintain! Looks like it would be a great item to carry in my purse AND the diaper bag! 😉 I’d also like the butterstick!
    I might just have to order some… :)

  • Veronica

    I would love to try the avocado and oatmeal soap. I love soaps like that. The lip balm sounds good too! :)

  • annie

    The jasmine body oil. I could use some moisturizing and I love the scent of jasmine.

  • Hello,
    I am a new subscriber to your wonderful newletter. I don’t know how to
    respond to a post. Would you enter me in the Graham Gardens giveaway?
    Perhaps you could post this for me?
    My favorite product was the Peppermint Lip Balm. However, I was very
    much taken with the consideration given to each product. What a
    delightful and helpful “store”.
    Thank you,

  • Christine

    I would love so many things from their website, but the thing that sticks out to me the most is the Healthy Skin Salve! It looks like such a wonderful product!

  • Jenny

    I’d love to try the plantain salve. I’ve been reading about the benefits of plantain recently and can’t wait to try making my own. Since it’s too late to harvest any here (we live in the cold North), I’d appreciate the chance to try some out before spring comes :)

  • The Lavender/Coconut Milk soap looks fabulous! But I have to go back and look at the plantain after reading one of the comments above. :)

  • Anne

    I would love to try the “bug bar” ! My two little men would be especially grateful for such a product ! :)

  • Megan

    Mmm! I really want to try the plantain salve. Looks fabulous!!

  • Gayle

    Hello! I would like to try the salves and the lotion bar. Everything looks wonderful!

  • Nancy

    Thanks so much for this great giveaway! I would love to have the Healthy Skin Salve, the Bug Bar, and the Lavender or Jasmine Body Oil. What lovely products! I’m a new subscriber to your site and I love the frugal coconut milk recipe. So easy! I love the coconut milk the best out of any of the ‘alternative’ milks, but it is so expensive in the store. Thanks for your great blog!

  • One of the body oils…they sound so lovely!

  • Maureen L

    Where do I start?!! I’d love to try the Christmas Kitchen soap – I’m partial to handmade soap. But also the salves look interesting.

  • angi

    Lip Balm for sure – I shudder to think what the other kinds are made from…THanks!

  • Debbie Davis

    Would love to try the butter bar or one of the soaps.

  • Jaime Benoit

    I’d love to try the fresh butter bar!

  • Kelli Scott

    Wow, I don’t think I can choose. I love the idea of the coffee lip balm. The kitchen soap I am sure smells wonderful for the holidays. The butter bars for my sons dry skin. Ok, yep could not choose.

  • I’d love to try the peppermint candy lip balm! YUM! Thanks!

  • Sarah

    The bug bar and the soaps look great!

  • Heather Flatt

    We love your site! We checked out your link to Graham Gardens and YOU ARE RIGHT! They have a delightfully beautiful site. It’s nice to have others invest a bit of beauty in my day, even online!

    My little boys and I agree that the Bug Bar is something we’d love to try. Of course, if it were just my vote, it would be something more delightfully feminine! :-) I’m surrounded by boys and their father! :-)

  • Meredith A.

    Oh YUM! I would love to try the butter bar because I have heard such great things about it (and my hands are in dish water a lot)!

  • This is a great giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity. I would love to try the lip balm because my lips are really dry and starting to chap.

  • Crystal

    I would love to try the Bugbar!

  • Brittany

    I’d love to try the bug bar. I hate the thought of putting yucky chemicals on my kiddos, but can’t stand those bug bites either.

  • Rachel Turner

    I would LOVE to try the bug bar…my poor husband just gets eaten up in the summertime and we love to camp!

  • The Bright Day Lip Healing Lip Balm and the Bug Block Bugbar look great, but all of it looks so good! Thank you for offering the giveaway! :)

  • Andrea

    I’d love to try the Butter Bar. This looks wonderful! Thank you.

  • Tawni

    I’d love to try the Jasmine oil (in Jasmine scent :) )!!

  • melissa

    I would love to try the butter bar for my daughter!

  • Carrie Kozlowski

    I would like to try the sweet almond oil. I have been wanting to start mixing some of my own homeopathic solutions and this would be great.

  • I would love to try the Jasmine body oil! :)

  • Now that we are having to run the furnace at night we are finding very chapped lips in the morning so that peppermint candy and orange sunset lip balms sound wonderful! So do the butter bars!

  • Joy

    Oooo! Jasmine Body Oil! I love the smell of Jasmine!

  • Carmen

    I would love to try the butter bar!

  • Emily H.

    What a wonderful website…I’m sure I will be making many purchases there! I’m dying to try the healthy skin salve for my thirsty hands, and the coffee break lip balm sounds nurturing and delicious, all at once!

  • Erica

    I’d love to try the natural butter bar! Thanks!

  • What a fantastic gift basket! We definitely need the BugBar–are heading up for a volunteer weekend of trail clearing and campsite repair and the bugs will be thick. Thanks for the giveaway and for letting us know about these great products.

  • I’ve been wanting to try their salves and bars, and my husband would love the soaps.

  • Lesley

    I’d like to try the bug bar. I have 4 kids that got eaten alive this past summer and I need something that works!!

  • Carol

    I use the bug bar and love it! I would also like to try some of their other products and would love to win!

  • I’d love the bug bar, we have so many bug around here!:)

  • Emily

    I would love to try everything! The orange and peru balsam lip balm looks good right now, my lips are having a hard time with the changing seasons!

  • Janelle

    I’d love to try the lavendar body oil…would be great for relaxing during childbirth!

  • Rachel Davis

    I have yet to try your products, but I certainly will! I love all the fun give away things you do….

  • Jenni

    Ooh, it’s a tossup. Either the butter bar or the bug bar.

  • Tina

    I love the body oil I ordered when I found about the company

  • I’d like to try the avocado and oatmeal soap! And yes, it IS a gorgeous site.

  • liz

    I love the sound of the Jasmine body oil…as well as the healing lip balm. The air is already getting so dry in my neck of the woods!

  • Meg

    Any of the soaps would be great, but I’d like to try the plantain salve… I’ve actually never made my own!

  • I love the healthy skin salve…good for everything and the kids!

  • winni

    I’d love to try the butterbar! Though I’d really like to try everything! It is already SO dry here in Colorado. Love your site, thanks for all the wonderful tips!

  • These products all look wonderful, but the Bug Block really caught my eye as we really struggled with bites this summer especially on my little ones.

    BurkhertsTravel at yahoo dot com

  • That coffee chapstick looks heavenly! I want to try that. :)

  • KathleenK

    Ooh! The pure plantain looks wonderful. We used to use plantain fresh, but our yard here gets sprayed and there isn’t any :(

  • Diane Erichsen

    The Wholesome Soap line really caught my eye on on the website now and previous browsing compliments of you! I love the recipe card look. But I would like to try the Silver Alpine soap first for I use to live in Colorado and planted a row of aspens in my backyard. We were considered low alpine for our growing season. Next is the lavender coconut soap, that immediately relaxes me just thinking about it.

  • Dana

    Holy cow. The Coffee Break lip balm would pretty much make my day. Maybe I could wean myself off of caffeine by licking my lips all day. Ah, but coffee is so gooood!

  • It’s so hard to just pick one! I would love to try the butter stick and bug bar.

  • I would LOVE to win this! Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  • Christine

    All of their products look so great! It’s hard to pick just one but I’ll go with the fresh butter bar. Or the peppermint lip balm. Or the ….

  • The Healthy Skin Salve, as my toddler is dealing with a serious itch I am trying to combat.

    Thanks so much for the wonderful giveaway!

  • Kat Currier

    I want to try the eucalyptus soap. I love herby scented products!

  • Danielle Spence

    Butter bar hands down.

  • Katie Murry

    The BugBar looks awesome!

  • What a great giveaway! I’m intrigued by salves (new to me), so I think the Healthy Skin Salve looks good. Love the rosemary and peppermint scents.

  • Tara E

    I’d love to try the Bright Day Lip Healing Lip Balm

  • Katie

    I love lotion bars!

  • Adriane

    I think I would get the rugged relief for myhusband. He and his hands work hard and I think they could both use some relief!

  • Shanna

    I would love to try the bug bar!!! My family loves to be outdoors and my poor daughters swell up like crazy with mosquito bites!

  • Hannah

    I would love to have a butter bar. My hands get so dry in the winter and would be lovely to have something on hand that would provide some relief!

  • sarina

    i want to try the – Botany Bay Eucalyptus Bar Soap
    dear hubby needs soap!

  • Carey

    ewww this would be lovely

  • Carrie Moore

    As much as I want a lip balm, particularly the peppermint one, I think I woud pick the Rugged Relief balm for my husband. I think it woudl be great for the winter.

  • MrsW

    I’d want to try the BugBar for my husband who has a DEET allergy.

  • Natalie

    The all purpose salve has two of my favorite essential oils – lavender and peppermint. I like using natural body products – no worries if (more like when) my dog tries to lick it all off!

  • Kathie

    I’d love to try the Healthy Skin Salve!

  • Audra Marie

    I think I’d have to try the Healthy Skin Salve first, and then definitely move on to other items. :)

  • I would love to try the Butter Bar!!!

  • any of the lip balms for sure! i need a new one for my purse…

  • Angela

    I’d love to try the healthy skin salve especially during the fall/winter season!

  • Eva

    We love Grahams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really want to try the new Soap, Creature Comfort, and Bug Bar!

  • Any of the lip balms sound wonderful as this time of year always makes me so chapped! Peppermint…yummy.


  • Jennifer

    Avocado and Oatmeal Soap for my sensitive-skinned kids, Botany Bay Eucalyptus Soap for my husband, Lavendar & Coconut Milk Soap for me!

  • Elizabeth

    Oh, this would be such a blessing!!! I’ve been wanting to get a lotion bar (I’ve been reading really good things about them – I have really bad eczema and my doctor prescribes a steroid gel, but I HATE using it especially with handling my toddler.) I haven’t been able to get a bar cause we’ve been on a super tight budget lately. The website was wonderful! :)

  • Kristi

    I would love to try the Healthy Skin Salve.

  • Carmen

    I would like the Avocado Oatmeal Soap.

  • Alana Friedrich

    I would love to try out any of the soaps… I’m currently in search of a natural soap to replace my regular body wash.

  • Donna Stanfield

    Healthy Skin Salve, my skin has been so itchy with this pregnancy.

  • Crickett Brown

    Hard to decide as there are so many I would like but I would have to say the BugBar and the Avocado & Oatmeal Bar Soap.

  • Jodie Franklin

    I would love to try the butter bar. sounds great and delicious.

  • Sarah

    The Avocado Oatmeal Soap sounds wonderful (as well as everything else!)

  • Hillary

    I’d love to try the peppermint lip balm. I’ve been on a huge peppermint kick lately, so this sounds wonderful to me.

  • Garland

    That Sweet Butter Bar sounds divine and looks so practical – and perhaps less messy if my toddlers get into…

  • The bug bar would be great, my two year old has horrendous reactions to bug bites, he is covered in scabs right now.

  • Oh, I wanna try that peppermint lip balm.

  • Lorinda

    I would enjoy trying the bug bar. The mosquitoes leave such huge welts!

  • The Rugged Relief Balm would be the first thing I would pick. My kids and I are always covered in cuts and scrapes, so this would be perfect.

  • Britney

    I would LOVE to try the bug bar… the mosquitos get awful here in TX!

  • TJ

    No contest – I HAVE to try the Coffee Break lip balm. Fabulous!

  • Corinne

    The bug bar and any of the lips balms would be nice to try. Nice giveaway! Thanks!

  • Alexis Dunigan

    The Butter Bar would be great to try b/c of the upcoming winter dry season where my hands get very dry especially after washing a sink full of dishes!

  • Lani Quimby

    The coffee lip balm looked really fun to try.

  • The BugBar would be a treat to have! I love to be outside in the evenings but do not enjoy all the mosquitoes.

  • Joellyn Aldrich

    Ooooo…so many things look amazing but I’d like to try the lavendar floral body oil.

  • A8ala

    Definitely the butterbar, and the bug block and the healthy skin salve. Etc.

  • CW

    The healing lip balm looks great. I’s also love to try the soaps.

  • Katie Weber

    I want to try the Healthy Skin Salve!

  • mmm natural butter bar! :)

  • sarah

    The lip balm sounds great as the weather is getting cooler and it is so dry out.

  • The butterstick seems like a great idea! And the lip balm sounds great too!

  • Sarah

    I am just starting to use more natural products and would love to try the buttersticks.

  • Kim Tindell

    The healthy skin salve! I would love to try it for my dry hands and feet!

  • Jen

    I’ve been wanting to try a lotion bar for a long time, and the Butter Bar looks awesome.

  • Anu

    I am a huge fan of their products. Love their Bugbar. Would love to try the lotion bar.

  • Donna Hollingsworth

    I would love to try the Creature Comfort Salve! What a cool giveaway!!!

  • Melissa W.

    I’d love to try the Fresh Butter Bar.

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  • the bug bar sounds awesome – especially for little ones. and, even though it’s not in the basket offered, i’d be most interested in the plantain salve, as i’ve learned a lot about that plant lately :)

  • I want to try the Sweet Butter Bar!

  • I would really like to try the bug bar.

  • ( jason )

    Very interested in the bug bar.

  • My super-dry hands are looking forward to that butterstick!!

  • Sarah

    I would love to try a butter bar. I am sensitive to strong smells and would love to find something that smells nice that I can actually use with comfort!

  • SarahK

    Love these products! Bug Bar is great but these products are of such high quality – don’t ask me to pick a favorite. They are super!

  • gina

    everything looks fantastic. thank you for the chance to win.

  • Elena

    I would love to try the Avocado & Oatmeal Bar Soap. All of them sounds great!


  • Marla Y

    I owuld most like to try the Jasmine Body Oil. Thank you for the chance to win.

  • I would so love to try the bug bar! I’m always looking for a better way to protect my little ones from bug bites!

  • amom

    I would to try ALL their products, but especially the Butter Bars.

  • The butter stick. :)

  • Kate

    I’d like to try the avocado and oatmeal bar soap!

  • Jen

    I would like to try either the bug bar or the peppermint candy lip balm.

  • Rachel

    I would love to try the Healthy Skin Salve. I’ve made a few of my own but that sounds wonderful.

  • Stephanie

    The Healing Lip Balm..Love lip balm!!

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