Homemaker’s Planning & Holiday Prep

Now that fall is here, it seems to be a busy time for everyone. We’re in the midst of schooling, thinking ahead for the holidays, and, you know- life.

Lately, I’ve really been enjoying the organizing resources from Sheri Graham. If you’ve been wanting to put together a “homekeeping binder” or planner book, her  “Intentional Planner” is a perfect solution!

I regularly take a “planning day” once a week, and her outlines fit smoothly with my routine, as I evaluate and set goals for the week. I can keep track of appointments, school ideas, meal prep needs, and evaluate spiritual areas with the Intentional Planner. I also love that it’s only $5. (Have you seen the price of those journals/planners in bookstores, lately?)

I‘m also excited about her 12-Week Holiday Planner. I think this will be a wonderful resource in planning my homemade gift preparations, meals/recipes (especially the “allergen-free” foods), and activities for the little ones- all while keeping the focus of the season on Jesus!

Many of you have written, asking for suggestions on organizing/planning and setting homemaking routines, so I hope this helps! It works for me!

This post is part of Works For Me Wednesday.

Frugal Granola is an affiliate of Graham Family Ministries Books, which means, if you make a purchase through my links, I may earn a small commission. But I only recommend products I wholeheartedly use and love, as a way of recommending helpful resources. Thank you for your support!
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