Real Food Basics Giveaway!

Looking for healthy pizza, fries, and ice cream? How about a delicious real cheese sauce or healthy chocolate chip cookies?

I am excited to introduce the new cookbook, “In the Kitchen: Real Food Basics” by Kate of Modern Alternative Mama. She shares her family’s journey to wellness, and walks you through the basics of stocking your kitchen and putting healthy food on the table.

Although I don’t have some of the kitchen equipment she suggests (such as a dehydrator or a blender- mine finally broke last week), I’ve still been thrilled by the wealth of information this book contains!

Whether you want to start up a kombucha habit like mine or fix up some “healthy” comfort food that even your pickiest family member will enjoy, this book is a perfect resource.

I’m definitely going to be putting her slow-cooker roast beef “smothered in gravy” on the menu when my “comfort food-loving company” comes to visit next week, during a busy season. (And maybe some of her healthy biscuits, with the leftover gravy for breakfast!)

As we head into cooler weather, I’m excited to finally know how to make good French fries! (I prefer the baked version.) Kate is sharing her “Perfect French Fries” recipe as a sample of the delicious recipes in her book:

Perfect French Fries

by Kate of Modern Alternative Mama from In the Kitchen: Real Food Basics

Who doesn’t love a good French fry? I know I do. But most fries are made in unhealthy vegetable oils (which, when heated, form trans fats – ironic, since they’re supposed to be trans-fat free!). You can make delicious French fries at home, though, which are also healthy for you! There are two different methods, depending on how much time you have.
4 – 6 medium potatoes, sliced (your preferred thickness)
Oil for frying (beef tallow, lard, coconut oil)
Sea salt
For AMAZING fries, boil a large pot of water. Put your sliced (raw) fries into the water and boil for 2 – 3 minutes: this is called blanching. Remove them from the water and put them on a towel to dry. Meanwhile, heat the oil (beef tallow or lard) in a large frying pan or deep fryer until sizzling (around 400 degrees). Add the blanched potatoes to the oil and cook until golden brown. Remove from the oil and place them on a towel to drain. Sprinkle with sea salt.
For good, and fast fries, place cut potatoes on a baking sheet and coat them with coconut oil. Sprinkle on sea salt. Bake at 425 for 30 – 40 minutes, until crispy and golden. Stir once, halfway through baking time. Serves 4 – 6.
Prep time: 10 min.
Cook time: 60 min. for blanching/frying; 40 min. for baking (and you get to ignore it!)
Serving Suggestion: Serve with cheese sauce and accompany grass-fed burgers!

Kate is offering one copy of her book to a Frugal Granola reader!

To enter the giveaway, I’m keeping things simple, in the spirit of Kate’s book. So, check out her table of contents, and leave a comment letting me know which recipe you most want to try!

Kate has also generously offered a discount to Frugal Granola readers! Use discount code FrugalGranola25 for 25% off your purchase, through 10/30. (If you happen to win a book, she will refund your purchase!) The original price of this book is only $6.95, so that’s an incredible deal.

The giveaway will close Oct. 26th, and I’ll announce the winner on the 27th.

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