Advent Sale!

With the beginning of Advent, our family is working on blessing others each day of the season. (You can see our Simple Advent Envelope system, along with the Jesse Tree Journey from Ann Voskamp.)

I’m not thrilled with the thought of “Cyber Monday” (doesn’t that mean using your employer’s computer to shop, instead of doing your work?), but I know from experience about waiting for the weekday, so that I could go to the public library and use their free internet service! :)

So, for those who missed out on the Thanksgiving Sale, I’m offering an Advent Sale, with discount code ADVENT40 for 40% off your purchase of my book, Herbal Nurturing. The code is valid through Tuesday, 11/30.

Enjoy preparing gifts for others and have a blessed Advent season, friends!

(By the way, I’m also having a clearance sale in the shop, as I close out my handmade business here: :)

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