Thanksgiving Sales

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Honestly, I hesitated to post about the “black friday sales.” I firmly believe in not rushing through Thanksgiving, and jumping into the materialistic commercialism that the day after tends to bring. I encourage you to read my post on Treasuring Thanksgiving from a couple years ago.

However, I believe that blessing others is a crucial part of celebrating Thanksgiving. As we give thanks for all we have received, there should be an outpouring of “overflow” from our hearts and lives. I list these discount codes for you as a tool, to bless you and equip you as you serve your families and communities.

I also love supporting these “mama bloggers,” and thank you for your support (as I am an affiliate, and may earn a small commission from your purchase as well).

It is my hope that these sales will help equip you for celebrating, as well as preparing for the busy holiday season and “reorganizing” New Year’s tends to bring.

So skip the crowded shopping malls! Download an eBook instead and savor the activities, recipes, etc. with you family! (They’re all PDF format, which you can print out to read as a “book” or read on your computer with Adobe Reader.)

Herbal Nurturing

My eBook “Herbal Nurturing: A Family Healing & Learning Guide” has already been a tool for this in many ways, as readers have prepared gifts and healing remedies for their friends and family, from the blessings of their kitchen.

Tell Your Time

Earlier this year, I committed to reorganizing my life, as I juggled my online and “real life” commitments. Thanks to the inspiration from Amy Andrews, I have focused on life with my family, as well as clearing out my inbox, wrote a book, began a local ladies’ ministry, established the beginnings of our Bed & Breakfast business, among other projects. I was thrilled to see her new eBook, sharing her tips! “What if you could change your life in 30 pages?” You can.

  • Tell Your Time Discount Code: MONDAYBLACK for 50% off. (Valid 11/26-11/29)

Healthy Snacks to Go

Every week, our family is typically munching on something or other from Katie’s book. I love having healthy, portable snacks without all the (expensive!) packaging. There’s also a delicious Pumpkin (or Apple) Muffin recipe that my family requests regularly. Pick up this book for less than the cost of a box of cookies!

  • Healthy Snacks to Go Discount Code: BLACKFRIDAY for 50% off. (Only valid 11/26 for the 1st 50 sales, until noon MST.)
  • Healthy Snacks to Go Discount Code: CYBERMONDAY for $4 sale price. (Only valid 11/29 for the 1st 100 sales; expires 6 p.m. MST.)

Natural Fertility Workshop

Donielle’s course this past year was just the inspiration I needed to add (or re-add) some changes to my diet/habits after that exhausting postpartum/moving out-of-state season. The combination of self-paced study, along with videos, the forum, and worksheets in this Virtual Workshop are wonderful. (And she’s so sweet to chat with as well; I loved meeting her in person at The Relevant Conference and hearing her heart for blessing women.)

Real Food Basics

Our family has been loving the Kate’s healthy versions of classic comfort food: Chocolate Chip Cookies, French Fries, Chili, and more from Real Food Basics! This book is perfect for blessing guests with nourishing food they’ll enjoy.

  • Real Food Basics Discount Code: BLACKFRIDAY. (Valid 11/26 for the 1st 50 sales.)

Happy Thanksgiving, Friends!

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