My sweet Gen-girl,

It is amazing to see you turn four today! How can four years have passed so quickly, even as I tried to savor each moment? The artistry of God’s handiwork is upon you, growing you inside and out.

My heart sings to see you delight in the Lord, discovering His love for you. It is incredible to see the transformation in your heart in just this past month since your decision to follow Christ. Even amid being excited for your birthday, you wanted to sit and count your pennies “for the kids, Mama.”

I love savoring the simple joys of life with you- bright-colored rain boots, homemade chocolate brownies, cinnamon tea, timeless books, classic stories, sewing basket treasures of buttons and mini spools of thread, the changing of seasons outdoors, and snuggling with babies.

Thank you for being such a firecracker. Your spontaneity and imagination are such a blessing to our family! Your exuberant creativity makes my cup overflow.

May God pour His blessings upon you this year, my dear.

Sweet, precious four.

(No, not 10 or 50… Your joking is hilarious, but help my mama heart, hon. Can you stay little awhile longer?)

I Love You to the Moon & Back,


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