Natural Homemade Gift Basket Ideas

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Have you been working on homemade gifts lately (or still wondering what to give)? After a few emails from readers, asking what I’m making this year, I thought I’d give you a quick glimpse into my kitchen!

When preparing gift baskets, I love to work with an “assembly line” concept, to prepare gifts for multiple recipients at the same time. But when you want to give something a bit healthier (and more long-lasting) than plates of cookies, what do you make?

How about a basket of soothing natural “spa” items or herbal remedies? Such products can be fairly expensive if purchased commercially, but more affordable to make at home. (Plus, you can prepare enough for everyone on your list!)

So, this year, I’m putting my own eBook, “Herbal Nurturing” to good use. (It’s a PDF file that you can download onto your computer or print as a “book.”) I’ve heard from other readers, who have purchased additional downloads, in order to give the book as a gift, as well! (Thank you.)

Here are some fun gift basket combos I’ve come up with so far:

Expectant Mama Basket-

  • A jar of “Pregnancy Tea” dry herb mixture (or individual jars of the herbs + the recipe to mix their own)
  • A bottle of “Calming” Massage Oil or “Aches & Pains” Massage Oil (or both!)
  • A jar of “Postpartum Herbal Bath Tea/Rinse” (the dry herb mixture)
  • A subscription to Giving Birth Naturally classes.

A Basket for Her-

  • “Bedtime” Tea (a jar of the dry herb mixture, or purchase empty tea bags to fill your own; Mountain Rose Herbs sells them)
  • A bottle of “Calming” Massage Oil or “Aches & Pains” Massage Oil (arthritic hands may appreciate that one)
  • Chapped Lip Balm
  • Mama’s Passion Bath Salts

A Basket for The Family with “Rough & Tumble” Little Ones-

  • A small jar of “People’s Paste
  • A bottle of “Natural Sunburn Relief” (maybe add in some beach items, too!); a plastic bottle with a “squeeze spout” works well
  • A bottle of “Immune-Booster Syrup”
  • A small jar of Calendula Salve
  • Make the “Three-in-One Healing Balms” recipe to put in containers of “Sinus & Sleep Rub,” “Scrapes Soother,” and “Chapped Lip Balm”
  • A Family Size tin of “Bug Block” from MadeOn

What have you come up with?

I usually get my basic ingredients from Mountain Rose Herbs. You can get the book here for $8.95:

If you do want to tuck in some healthy treats, I recommend Katie’s Healthy Snacks to Go eBook. You can make up your own version of “lara bars!”

If you’re not up to making your own pampering products this year, I recommend the MadeOn Hard Lotion Bars. My little girl loves the Hair Butter (we put it on after bathtime, while reading bedtime stories), and she packs her Beesilk Hard Lotion Bar tin for overnight visits with Grandma!

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7 comments to Natural Homemade Gift Basket Ideas

  • Meg

    I love your ideas, Michele! I have always done something similar – my most popular baskets are the Herbal Chef (with homemade pasta, sauce, herbal infused olive oil, lacto-fermented garlic cloves and a small rosemary or oregano plant), and the Herbal Timeout (with a jar of my Chamomile Calm tea, a cloth herbal heating pad or eye cover, an herbal footbath soak blend, and a CD with soothing hymns). It is always so nice to be able to give a small assortment of sincere gifts rather than one large and usually un-needed present.


  • Laurie Plath

    I’m making gift baskets this year too. I make goat milk soap, so of course that’s one item. I’m also making the hard lotion and lip balms. I make my own vanilla extract, so that’s in there. Dry dip mixes in 3 different size containers, stacked, and wrapped with a ribbon with directions. Dry salad dressing mixes too. For the ladies, I have crocheted some easy, but elegant scarves and the men get a hunk of mozerella goat cheese and homemade cheddar crackers. I’m also throwing in some sticky note pads, pens, paper clips and binder clips.


  • Kate

    I placed an order with Mountain Rose Herbs for some ingredients to make lip balm and hard lotion bars for Christmas gifts. I’ve actually been quite disappointed with their shipping and delivery so far. Not only did it take over a week for my order to be processed, but the FedEx tracking number says that for the past 5 days, it’s been sitting at the same place in Oregon! (I live in Virginia.) Obviously they can’t control FedEx, but is this pace typical? I’m more than likely not going to get my order before I have to travel for the holidays, making homemade gifts a necessity for me this year!


    Michele Reply:

    Oh dear, Kate! No, I’ve always had my MRH orders delivered promptly by UPS. However, we’ve ordered items (from other companies) recently for our B&B, and some of the deliveries by FedEx have been quite delayed for us as well. Perhaps you need to give FedEx a call? I hope you’re able to get it resolved soon! It’s no fun having to wait on your order!



  • I love these ideas!! Although I think I’m too late for them this year, but I love the idea of these for birthdays too. :)

    PS – The giveaway is up. 😉


    Michele Reply:

    Thanks! I’ll go check it out! :)



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