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The following guest post was submitted by Becky at A Peaceful Home. I was blessed to spend some time getting to know her at The Relevant Conference. This busy mama certainly has some good tips for us, during this busy season!


Stewardship – Saving time, Money and the Enviroment

I have a two year old and a six month old, and at times life can get overwhelming with all the things on my to do list.  As a child of God, I desire to be a good steward of all the gifts that He has given my family.

My heart’s desire is to live frugally, live simply, nurture my family, feed my family nutritious food, and get everything done in an adequate amount of time in order to complete the next task.  I need to continually remind myself that I just can’t do it all and that I need to ask God, my shepherd for guidance.

As I have been going before God in need of help, He has given me these nuggets of wisdom to save time, money, our health, and the environment.  I pray that as you too give your home to the Lord these nuggets will aid you as you make your home a place of peace for your family.

Plan a month of meals at a time –

There are seasons in our lives when this may be more difficult than others, but in our current season of life planning meals a month at a time has helped tremendously.  It is a time saver, a money saver, and it helps keep nutritious meals on the table rather than grabbing a meal out or a convenience meal from the grocery store.

I take some time at the beginning of each month and write all our meals down in a planner.  I also leave some spaces for “leftover night.”  When a meal doesn’t get eaten or we end up having a family gathering or family takes us out to dinner I just use a highlighter to remind myself that we can still have the meal on hand.  This makes it easy to look back and find out what is left.

Note from Michele: I use the Google calendar (in my email) or the Intentional Planner by Sheri Graham.

Cook a Double Batch –

Some have found great success with taking a day to do freezer cooking.  Often it proves difficult for me to take an entire day (although it would be great to have it all done).   As I meal plan, I have been also planning to make a double batch of what I am cooking (if it is easily frozen).

We eat half and the other half I stick in the freezer. So easy! Then I am left with homemade, nutritious, convenience meals when I don’t want to cook. This has proved to be not only healthy, but saved time and money as well.
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Refrigerate Leftovers in easy meal portions –

I don’t know about your family, but mine has a VERY hard time eating leftovers.  I have found that we eat them so much easier if I refrigerate them in individual portions. I have these fabulous glass bowls that I got for mothers day last year that make it so easy to pop left-overs in the bowl and then warm them up.  Yum! You can see my Mother’s Day present here.

Buy in Bulk –

Not only has it saved me money to buy in bulk, but it has also saved me time.  Trips to the grocery store are few and far between the more I buy in bulk.  I save money, buy more nutritious food from a local natural food co-op, and go shopping much less.  Ah, it’s wonderful.
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Use Cloth Diapers –

If you haven’t yet converted to cloth diapers and you have little ones like I do, you must!  It is so easy to throw your diapers in a pail and throw them in the wash!  Before we started using cloth my husband used to joke that he’d get a second job before we used cloth.  Ha!

We now love them and would never go back to spending money on disposables. I don’t have to travel to the store a purchase diapers so it saves me time, money, and it helps the environment. You can buy cloth in many different price ranges, but we purchased our set as low as $180 and I’m sure they have already paid for themselves.

Use Cloth Wipes –

We also use fleece wipes which I made myself.  It is so simple to put a little soap solution on the wipes and throw them in the pail along with the diapers after use.  Or you can purchase a great set of wipes on sale here at Frugal Granola.  Again no trips to the grocery store, no extra waste, and really no extra time besides throwing them in the wash.

This is of course not an extensive list by any means.  I love to hear ways that you save time, money, and the environment to be a good steward of all God’s good and perfect gifts.

May this Christmas season be a time of blessing to you and your family as you learn more about stewardship.

Becky is a child of the King, wife to a wonderful husband, and has two beautiful children.  She is a work-at-home mom that is passionate about serving her family.  She loves ministering to women and encouraging them to make their home a peaceful place for their families.  In her spare time (which isn’t much) you can find Becky reading about nutrition or scrapbooking.  Becky has served as a Christian writer and speaker. You can find her ramblings at her blog Our Peaceful Home, or connect on Facebook or  Twitter.

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