A Dog Bite: Natural Remedies for Minor Emergencies

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One busy fall morning (the week of packing boxes and moving), the phone rang, as a friend called my husband to help care for their dog* who had been hit by a car. But this poor little dog was in such pain, that it bit my husband’s hand/fingers in the process.

When my husband returned home bleeding, he went to go rinse and wash his wound well with soap and water, while I grabbed our staple natural first aid kit.

A family member with a medical background was visiting us at the time, and was concerned about the depth of the injury and its risk of serious infection. He commented that we could likely end up at the ER, needing IV antibiotics.

To treat the wound over the next few days, we attentively did the following:

For less than the cost of an ER visit (kits are $68), my husband’s wounds were quickly healed, plus we boosted his body’s immune response in the process. (We were also glad to avoid the antibiotics, as they can be very depleting to the body, such as harming the “good bacteria,” as well as the cost.) We thanked God for this blessing!

*(I had the jar of Creature Comfort Salve from Graham Gardens ready for the dog, but we didn’t need it. The poor pup had fatal internal injuries, not outside scrapes.)

How are you preparing to bless your family
for wellness this year?

This post is sponsored by NaturoKits- Naturopathic Care Packages for Your Family’s First Aid Needs. Last year, NaturoKits also provided me with a Basic Kit as sponsorship for my attendance at The Relevant Conference.

Unnecessary, expensive, chemical-filled medical treatments don’t work for us! We love using natural remedies whenever possible. This post is part of the “reverse edition” Works for Me Wednesday at We Are THAT Family.

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