A Natural Approach to Vaccines

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Vaccinations are an important– and often controversial- issue in parenting. Many factors should be considered when making vaccination decisions for your children.

Even our own two little ones have had different needs in this area, as we have consulted with our natural healthcare providers/physicians, keeping in mind factors such as travel plans, daycare/schooling plans, current area of residence, health condition, parental/family health history (including adoption), vaccine ingredients, form of immunization, allergies, etc.

One of the top questions in my email lately from readers has been inquiries regarding vaccinations. I am not attempting to exhaustively delve into this issue, but here are some of my favorite resources to reference during your decision-making journey. As parents, we are cautious about what goes into our children’s bodies, seeking to care for and nourish them in wellness.

One highly effective step in wellness & illness prevention for our own family (in avoiding vitamin D deficiency) has been taking good cod liver oil, especially in the dark winter months, along with other healthy foods/habits. (We get the kind with yummy flavors, and drizzle the small dose on breakfast waffles to hide the fishy taste for anyone that doesn’t just take it by the spoonful.) A fermented cod liver oil such as Green Pasture seems to be a best choice, but a quality, mercury-free, non-deodorized brand such as Nordic Naturals can be a helpful choice instead; choose one that meets your family’s needs.

  • Remember, for some families, it doesn’t have to be an “all or nothing” decision. One approach to vaccinations can be creating a delayed/adjusted schedule. I love Megan’s perspective as she thoughtfully put together her delayed vaccination schedule (and updated it as needed for their family).

Suggested Reading:

H1N1 Vaccination Thoughts-

Since my husband became an EMT, we have always carefully evaluated the risk of contagion to our family, and consulted with our healthcare providers regarding vaccination advice. After much thoughtful research, we completely avoided the H1N1 vaccine when it came available, soon after our son’s birth (and still co-sleeping with him).

*Please* read these important points about that vaccine; especially if you are considering the “FluMist” form. (One of my husband’s co-workers at the time had transported a very sick little girl that autumn to the hospital ICU. She had contracted H1N1 from her parents, who accidentally “shedded” the virus onto their daughter, after getting the Mist.)

We also avoided taking our children to popular local children’s museums/play areas/groups that season, once we learned that some of our friend’s children were receiving the Mist- and then attending public activities directly after their doctor’s visit!

This wasn’t a paranoid decision out of fear; just a well-thought-out step of caution for a short season, as we considered the health of our little ones.

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12 comments to A Natural Approach to Vaccines

  • Linda

    Since the blog post you referenced is from 2008, I was wondering if the MMR vaccines are still available in separately. My son is about to have is 5 yr well visit and I’m losing sleep over vaccines.


  • This is a great book – called The Vaccine Safety Manual. It breaks it down by vaccine and gives very detailed research with graphs. I highly recommend it.



  • Jenn FL

    We H1N1’d my oldest son last year only because, as an athlete, he spent alot of time in very close quarters (buses, hotels and stinky, dirty locker rooms) with 25 other boys. Icky.


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  • Brittany

    Thanks for your balanced perspective! It really is such an individual decision and appreciate that you recognize that instead of make it a black and white issue.

    The H1N1 link was very interesting. I was pregnant with my third last flu season and had a lot of pressure from a well-meaning relative to “protect the baby.” I read the vaccine inserts and decided it was definitely not for me (or the baby). I pretty sure I did end up getting H1N1 by inadvertently going to a public event where they were administering the FluMist. I was so sick, but still didn’t regret skipping the vax. Since then I’ve also heard about some of the ill-effects of the vax on unborn babies and am so thankful that the Lord led me to information to help me stand firm in that decision.


  • Jenny clark

    The Fermented cod liver oil is Green Pastures, not Good Pastures.


    Michele Reply:

    @Jenny clark, Thanks so much for catching my typo! :) I fixed it!



  • Kendra Heath

    Good insights! I look forward to checking the resources you listed. We do delayed/as needed vaccinations. Our boys got all the vaccines they needed when they departed for Honduras this summer. I researched what they needed and then discussed it with our dr. We have done the one with Tetanus in it for a couple of children that have injured themselves with “dirty” objects. We have never done the ones I consider superfluous like chicken pox or flu. When I worked in childcare I always seemed to be healthier because of diet and vitamins over my co-workers that took flu shots.


  • Another great resource is Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s video.

    Also wanted to point out that not only are there natural treatments available for certain “vaccine-preventable” diseases, there are natural treatments available to help minimize side effects of vaccines, if you do decide to vaccinate.


  • Ann

    I really liked what you had to say about H1N1. We have avoided the flu shots this year, because I heard that where we get them from that the regular flu shot had the H1N1 combined with it. I think it is so important that we as parents be vigilent as to what our children are given in the form of vaccines.


  • Thank you for your post, I am going to enjoy looking over the links you provided. I did notice that this one “Focus on the Family’s Position Statement on Gardasil/HPV Vaccine (pdf)” appears to be a broken link. Can you let me know what the correct URL should be? Thank you!


    Michele Reply:

    @Heather, Sorry about that, Heather! I’ve updated the link. Here it is: http://www.family.org/sharedassets/correspondence/pdfs/PublicPolicy/Position_Statement-Human_Papillomavirus_Vaccine.pdf :)
    PS- I got your other note about the vitamins. I’ll need to follow-up on that a bit later when I have a moment. :)


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