Nourishing Resolutions

I believe that living a truly nourished life
is about more than just food.

As I mentioned in A Natural Noel, I am refocusing on living intentional moments, embracing Deuteronomy 6:5, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.”

:: Strength ::

As we choose nourishing foods for our family, we are caring for the physical bodies God has given us (our “strength”), and He often blesses us with more energy and wellness to serve Him. Living in His grace, I can prepare nutritious meals with balanced priorities.

Over the next year, I would love to add more nourishing elements to our meals, including more often adding items such as: water kefir (& soda!), kombucha, dairy kefir, dehydrating sprouted/fresh foods, and maybe even some chickens of our own.

I’m also hoping to add more natural stretching/exercise times back into my routine. In years past, I have enjoyed Peggy Cappy’s “Yoga For the Rest of Us” DVDs. (This sweet lady teaches modified exercises for people of all ages/abilities, including classes in retirement homes! You don’t have to be super-flexible, and the lessons aren’t full of “spiritual” messages.)

When I was pregnant with our son, I also enjoyed the simple exercises from Birthing Naturally’s guides, such as the Total Body Workout and lots of Pelvic Rocks everyday (at least 50).

:: Heart ::

“Heart” speaks to me of the character that God has placed within each of us; pursuing the passions He has given us for His glory. I hope to continue pursuing avenues of hospitality, delving into various creative sewing projects for our home and family, gardening (I especially love planting herbs/flowers for remedies and gift bouquets!), writing, and growing in greater intimacy with my husband.

I look forward to days of life-long learning; a passion of my heart for myself, as well as modeling it for my children.

:: Soul ::

I am excited to continue in scheduling dedicated “prayer retreat” mornings alone, as well as meeting with other women in discipleship, growing deeper with Him, as He nurtures my soul. I also pray for God’s equipping as I pursue ministry to other women in our community this coming year.

I long for God’s continued transformation in my mothering; I was so inspired to meet Sally Clarkson and to hear her speak in October. I’m currently working through her book, Seasons of a Mother’s Heart, and have been so encouraged and inspired; what a great start to the year!

What is on your heart for the coming year?

Join Kimi at The Nourishing Gourmet for her Nourishing Resolutions carnival today, and link up yours!

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4 comments to Nourishing Resolutions

  • You inspire me, Michelle! I love your sweet spirit and heart. I’m focusing on spending more quality time with our three year old, picking out a homeschool curriculum, and speaking more kindly to my husband. He needs a godly wife all the time… not just when I feel like it! I also have been meditating on a verse we’re teaching our son: “Do all things without grumbling or complaining.” Philipp. 2:14. I’m pregnant w/our second baby (Malayna Hope!) and it’s often easy to complain about pregnancy symptoms. I go over this verse many times a day to keep my attitude in check. I’m expecting the Lord to challenge me to be more like Him in 2011!


  • sara

    I wanted to recommend the book Holy Yoga to you. Have you heard of it? It is a Christ centered approach to yoga. I am new to it (a Christ centered approach, not yoga- I am an instructor) and so far it has been a very wonderful experience for me. I always felt that when I am quiet in mind and body in my yoga practice, I am in deep fellowship with God, but Brooke Boon, the author, puts lovely words to my experience and has great ways to weave scripture into the practice. Since I read that you wanted to bring stretching back into your life and I know your love for the Lord, I though you might find this of interest.


    Michele Reply:

    @sara, Thanks for the recommendation, Sara! I’ll look into it. :)


  • DM

    I love Peggy Cappy’s DVD. I wish I still had enough room to work out with it. I like that she has it divided up into sections so if I don’t feel good I can just do the first twenty minutes and still feel better.


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