A Resting Day (& Call for Contributing Writers!)

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My Beloved graciously allowed me a day of rest and “retreat” earlier this week. I was able to spend much of the day lingering in prayer, jotting down goals and preparations as a wife, mama, and keeper of our home, listening to worship music, doing some yoga stretching exercises, and reading.

I did go far; I actually stayed home, in a back bedroom, emerging occasionally to give a snuggle or for breastfeeding. I began the day leisurely, with giggling little ones munching on their waffles, as I prepared myself a green smoothie.

The Sears oven repairman came and went, the family did their usual library trip and errands, and worked on projects together.

I “visited” for a little while in the afternoon, browsing the new stack of library books together, teaching butterfly kisses, cuddling, and sliced up some avocado for snacktime.

I had dinner in the crockpot simmering all day, to keep things simple. Then, I savored a hot shower, and rejoined my family for the rest of a restful evening!

As God blesses me with times of rest and refocusing, I am able to listen better to His voice, and am further equipped to simply glorify Him in my daily life.

As I seek to keep room for rest and focusing in our busy life, I am now putting together a team of monthly contributing writers for Frugal Granola. I am excited to continue sharing my life with you, but I am looking forward to sharing some new projects & perspectives from other writers occasionally throughout the month as well. If you are interested in contributing, let me know, and I’ll send you the info packet with the details!

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6 comments to A Resting Day (& Call for Contributing Writers!)

  • Hi, Michele! Your blog is truly a blessing, not just because of the recipes and wise advice you share on being a loving keeper of the home, but also your strong faith and encouragement to other believers. I am a healthcare writer for a local hospital system in Southern California and I have a passion for the Lord and real food cooking. I recently started a FB page: http://www.facebook.com/TheNourishingHome
    and am working on launching a blog as well. It will be focused on many of the same things you share – meal planning, real food education and recipes, cooking with your children and most important of all – focusing on making the Lord the priority in our lives and pointing people to real life in Christ Jesus.
    So getting to the point … I would love to receive your info packet about how to become a contributing writer for your wonderful blog. It would be a true honor. Thank you in advance for your consideration and also thank you for your wonderful inspiration to be a woman devoted to the Lord, her family and further His Kingdom! Blessings to you in Christ, kel


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  • So glad you were able to have a retreat for a little while. It is so difficult to make time to “be still” in this crazy world sometimes!


  • Wow! Sounds wonderful and almost foreign! :) Life really can go on without mama, I guess.


  • Those times of retreat with God are so precious and needed. I hope you have another one soon. Many blessings!


  • […] After a time of restful retreat with prayer and planning, and many goal-setting meetings with my husband as we seek to live intentionally and missionally, with balance and simplicity, we knew that it was time to bring in a team of talented writers to join us here at Frugal Granola. […]

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