Announcing the New Contributing Writers!

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After a time of restful retreat with prayer and planning, and many goal-setting meetings with my husband as we seek to live intentionally and missionally, with balance and simplicity, we knew that it was time to bring in a team of talented writers to join us here at Frugal Granola.

Each of the writers will be sharing one post per month, from their rich backgrounds of experience in natural living, daily faith & parenting, frugality & stewardship, and sustainable living. (I think you’ll love them!)

After reading over the incredible proposals of blog topics, recipes, and projects from all the applicants, I am thrilled to introduce our new team members (in no particular order):

  • Daniele of Domestic Serenity
    Marriage/Family Contributor

    We loved this sweet mama of five’s approach to a simple Christmas, with her Advent preparations post. We look forward to her gracious insight on more intentional moments in our marriage and family life experiences.

  • Nada of MiniMOMist
    “Farmer’s Market Find” Simple & Seasonal Meal Contributor

    Her exploration of simple gift-giving and the historical background of St. Nicholas Day was food for thought during the Christmas season. We look forward to her educational & delicious recipe ideas each month, with her love for “trivia” (those precious curiosities & details of life!) and simplicity.

  • Lydia of Small Town Simplicity
    Simple Parenting/Childhood Contributor

    We love seeing the beauty & humility of the simple things through the eyes of this creative, homeschooling mama of four (with #5 on the way!), as we try to savor those precious moments that pass so quickly. (You may have recently read her encouraging post on (in)courage.)

  • Stacy of Delighting in the Days
    Herbal/Natural Remedies Contributor

    She got me out of my relaxing lavender rut, with her energizing herbal bath recipe, and I’m always inspired by this dear mama’s heart for simplicity & wellness. I love her motivating tips for healthy living, with natural remedies and exercise!

  • Rachael of To Be a Mom…
    Financial/Stewardship Contributor

    As she transparently shares tips gleaned from their family’s financial journey and her previous work in financial services, I look forward to her encouragement in budgeting/stewardship for biblical, frugal living. (Send in your questions!)

  • Bethany & Emily P, co-authors of Sustainable Food for ThoughtSustainable Living Contributors


    Emily P

    These multi-talented ladies of the Northwest will be sharing their inspiration for natural & sustainable living. Whether they’re exploring local farms, naturally mothering little ones, celebrating holidays naturally, or preparing fresh-from the garden meals, their projects are always thought-provoking and delightful.

If you applied to be considered, and weren’t selected; please don’t be discouraged! We were limited in the number we could add to our team, and had many wonderful submissions!

We read all your lovely posts by candlelight in the evenings and over buttery homemade waffles in the morning, and at many other times in between; loving the glimpse into your hearts & lives.

Additional guest-posting positions may open up occasionally. Thank you to everyone who was interested in contributing! Please keep writing, and keep in touch. :)

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