Healing After Miscarriage Series & Other Intimate Topics

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For the month of February, I’ve been talking about some natural approaches to some close-to-the-heart topics. As we live simply, we keep our hands and hearts open to intentionally look at different seasons of life with a natural and uncluttered view; pursuing holistic wellness.

We’ll be phasing into new topics for the month of March soon, as we look ahead to springtime. (Are you browsing those seed catalogs and cuddling little ones with cabin fever?) But for now, here’s a recap.

If I could, I’d pull up cozy chairs in my living room in front of our fire, with steaming hot mugs to sip from, and we could chat & pray about these topics together, watching the snow fall outside my windows. But thanks for joining me here. Many of these posts were actually on other sites, where I was asked to be a contributor, and I’d love for you to go visit!

We began the month taking about fertility and cycle charting, with our Fertility Flower giveaway. But at the same time, I had those of you in mind who are walking through a season of grief/miscarriage. Donielle of Naturally Knocked Up asked me to write on Healing After Miscarriage. It’s a series of three posts:

We looked introspectively at our marriages, with:

At Sorta Crunchy, we highlighted the serious social justice issue of human trafficking, honoring the lives of women around the world, by “redeeming” a holiday that can tend toward a focus on commercialism and physical appearance. I contributed a couple sets of fun card designs, shown here:

(Our new printer, purchased with free Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks, just arrived this week, so now I can finally print out my cards in real, live color!)

What’s been on your heart lately?

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4 comments to Healing After Miscarriage Series & Other Intimate Topics

  • I think I am going to send this to a friend who just had a miscarriage last week. Thank you for sharing this Michelle. Blessings!


  • Michele,
    I personally have never had a miscarriage, but mainly that is because we have been infertile for most of our married life. It is hard for me to deal with this as I get older and see my kids growing up so quickly.

    I have numerous friends who have gone through the trial of a miscarriage, however and I can tell how much it has affected them. I suppose that our grief was similar when we saw the effects of autism on our oldest. It was like feeling that what we thought he was had somehow died. Many of our dreams for him have “died” as well….at least while we relearn what the Lord has for him.

    On a lighter note, I have never been able to activate my Swagbucks account, so I am “mourning” that as well! I keep trying to get a user Swagname, but the site keeps telling me that whatever name I choose has already been taken. And believe me, they haven’t. I have chosen quite creative names! :-) Any help there from anyone would be much appreciated. I would love to print your Valentine’s in color too :-)


  • Miscarriage and high-risk pregnancy was a huge life-changer for me, and it was women online (many of them blogging friends) that got me through those dark days after my losses. We lost a baby at 4 months, and then two more at 5 weeks. The 3 living children I have were touch-and-go pregnancies from day one. Thank you so much for addressing this topic, as I know the pain is oftentimes silent and difficult to express. People say the wrong things or don’t say anything at all. It is a deep, raw feeling when a child is no longer growing within you; when you wake up one morning not pregnant any more and you were happily pregnant the day before. Life changes in an instant, and your need for God’s comfort becomes intense. Thank you for bringing that comfort!


  • I loved your posts over at Naturally Knocked Up on healing after miscarriage. On the same topic, I was wondering, if you can, would you do a post on pregnancy after miscarriage? I’m 7 weeks pregnant right now…. it’s my fourth pregnancy, my second was the one we lost, and I’m still trying to figure out how to deal with the first trimester. The stress and fear that comes with subsequent pregnancies is so overwhelming sometimes, and I have no idea how to handle it. I’d love to hear your ideas on this.


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