Life-Long Learning of Natural Health

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Whether we’re addressing minor emergencies or the scrapes, aches, and pains of a growing family, we’ve been blessed to have natural options at our fingertips. It’s been ages since we’ve stood in line at the pharmacy (except to visit “Auntie” who works there)!

As a family, we believe that it is good stewardship to care for the bodies He has given us. He created a wealth of natural remedy resources for us! We love to continually pursue live-long learning throughout life, discovering what He has for us.

Above all, we seek to daily walk with our Lord, knowing Him deeper. One of the blessings He bestows upon us, is the joy of learning and discovery. As we prepare nourishing foods, herbal remedies, or gather finds on nature walks with our little ones, we share this joy of learning.

I have loved Vintage Remedies for quite some time now. This past year, founder Jessie Hawkins’ blog post on whooping cough was incredibly helpful in our community.

We had considered signing me up for the Master Herbalist school program through Vintage Remedies last year, but felt it wasn’t the right timing for our family. (If you’re just wanting the basics for your family, they offer a variety of wellness study programs, including books for kids– what a great resource!)

Vintage Remedies has also just introduced their new Essential Series! You can sign up to learn how to be a Natural Living Educator or just learn the essentials of real food and wellness in your own family.

How do you pursue life-long learning in your family?

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Vintage Remedies. All opinions are my own.
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3 comments to Life-Long Learning of Natural Health

  • The internet is a great resource for ongoing learning! I’m getting ready to enroll at GNOWFGLINS so I can take all those wonderful courses, but want to make sure I schedule class time in before I actually enroll.

    I love to learn, but am not so good at traditional classroom settings. We all move at our own pace and having that option works so much better for me. A traditional classroom feels too much like grade school again-having to do it one someone else’s schedule.


  • Amanda

    What an amazing resource! This is just what I have been looking for! Thank you!


  • […] Remedies has been a wonderful resource for me this past year, as I nurture my family in natural wellness, and I love having two of Jessie Hawkins’ books […]

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