Simple Childhood Play

As my baby emerges into a toddler, and my four-year-old embraces the essence of childhood, my heart rejoices to spy them savoring simple treasures.

One of my goals for the year is to beautify our living space by decluttering our collection of random items, continuing our simplifying and organizing following our move this past fall. (Our spaces got the “back-burner” of priorities, as we focused on preparing guest rooms first.)

It was incredibly motivating for me on a recent day of quiet (my little ones were recovering from a bout with a cold bug, thankfully quickly remedied with some natural herbs & homeopathics), to see the assortment of “toys” they had selected to play with on the kitchen floor for the morning hours:

  • Homemade Buttons (from Fimo Clay)
  • Acorns (gathered during outside play)
  • Spoons (a few gleaned from helping Mama with the dishes)
  • Crayons (mostly from thrift stores and garage sales)
  • Scrap Paper (junk mail)
  • Jars (Reused year after year, the last taste of peanut butter long gone.)
  • Ladybugs (collected from the sunny windowsill of their bedroom); one named “Stellaluna” and one named “Georgie Porgie:)

I’ve been reading the book How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way for continuing inspiration, as I delve into tossing, sorting, creating, teaching, and guiding.

The free eBook, Un-Toys: Spark Creativity by Kyrie Mead (who just welcomed a precious new little one!) has also been inspirational to me over the past several months.

What simple childhood joys are favorites in your home?

Join me each Thursday for a new post in my Simple Living series!

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