Simple Hair Clips

Post written by Contributing Writer, Emily

{Note From Michele:} Emily & her family have been dear friends of ours for the past few years. I’m always inspired by her frugal & crafty creations, and I look forward to sharing her ideas with you each month, as a new member of our Frugal Granola team of contributing writers! I am still reviewing the applicants for our team, and will be announcing the rest of our members soon. If you’re still interested in joining, it’s not too late! :)

Adding a hair accessory has always been a simple and inexpensive way to add a little sparkle to your style. And I don’t know too many little girls who don’t adore a new hair-clip for a special day, especially one made just for them by someone who loves them! We gave out felt heart clips as Valentine’s to several of our little girl friends this year and they loved them!

Using ordinary hair accessories like rubber bands, bobby pins or snap clips and simple materials like ribbon, felt and thread keeps your cost down and the window for your creativity wide open. Any of the examples in the picture below are simple enough for little hands to make (or at least help with!) And they were all made with supplies we found in the bathroom and craft cupboard.

To make the basic felt heart clip you will need :

  • 1 snap clip (they may have a more technical name but that’s what I’ve always called them!)
  • Felt (scraps are perfect)
  • Coordinating Embroidery floss or heavy thread.

Cut out two heart the exact same size, ensuring that your clip fits within the widest part of your heart. Cut a small slit to one side of center on the felt piece that will be the back and insert the clip (as shown in the picture). Place your two hearts together, right sides facing out. Using your floss or thread begin stitching around the edge of your heart enclosing the top of the clip between the two pieces of felt. Continue all the way around ending your final stitch inside of the heart and then tying it off and tucking your ends inside the heart as well. You’re done!

Now there’s no stopping your creative side, you can do any design or shape you want! So grab your supplies and a little helper or two and see what you can make!

Emily lives in Salt Lake City with her husband Jeremy and their 3 wild and crazy kiddos! She loves reading, running, baking yummy treats for her family, her early morning yoga, walking to the library and all things creative and crafty. She especially enjoys exploring nature with her children and learning side by side with them. You’ll find her chatting about all aspects of life at her blog, Industrious Emily* and also sharing her crafty side through the blog, Life at the Table.
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