Simple Handmade Gardening Gift Set

The perfect gift for children (or any gardener), this gift set is simple & frugal to put together in a short time!

I usually save seeds from previous gardens, as well as stock up on bulk organic seeds (such as from Mountain Rose Herbs), instead of paying $2-$3 each for those tiny little packets of seeds in the grocery store displays.

Since I don’t want to send my children out into the lawn/garden with free access to my entire bulk bags of seeds, I created a small gift set for them to plant their own garden space. (I plan to add some additional seeds to this as well, once I finish going through our gardening supplies.)

This year, a sweet friend gifted me with a box of wildflower seeds I’d been wishing for, to fill in a “blank” area in our lawn, and I also had a bag of assorted poppy seeds (seeds from different varieties that I had gathered & dried from Grandma’s house last fall).

Note: For the poppy seeds, I collected the seed pods (what’s left on the stem after the petals fall off) in the fall, and just placed them in a bowl in my kitchen to dry. (You don’t want to hang them up like herbs, or you’ll lose all the tiny little seeds as the flower dries.)

Once dried, I placed everything in a plastic zip sandwich bag for airtight storage, and packed it away for the winter. When ready to use, many of the seeds had fallen out of the pods, into the bag, so I just had to pour them out. I did crack open some of the seed pods, and shook them into a jar to make sure I’d gotten them all out.

I collected some random tins and jars that I had stashed around the house to repurpose for the project (but just ended up using two tins for now). A set of little spice jars (with the “sprinkle” lids!) would be cute, too.

Mountain Rose Herbs sells inexpensive little tins or jars, too, if you wanted to make several matching sets (or stacks of assorted sizes like I did).

I affixed sticker labels (from SCRAP) that were already printed with a “wildflower seeds” logo. Then I just noted on each label exactly what type (“Grandma’s Poppy Seeds”, etc).

Some favorite seed suggestions for children’s gardens:

  • Calendula
  • Nasturtiums
  • Sunflowers (These were the top favorite when I posted about it on Facebook.)
  • Carrots
  • Zinnas
  • Peas
  • Cosmos

I used a scrap strip of fabric leftover from a sewing project to tie the set together, but you could also use a ribbon or twine. Include a tag with planting instructions, if needed.

This little set is perfect for tucking into a child’s Easter basket or as a sweet Mother’s Day gift!

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8 comments to Simple Handmade Gardening Gift Set

  • What a great idea and it makes such a lovely gift! I hope that once i get this year’s garden planted at my new house that at the end of the season, I can start saving my own seeds, as well. I’ve bought all organic seeds for my food to plant and I have some flowers growing, as well. I’m looking forward to gardening in New England if it ever warms up. We are expecting 6-12 inches of snow in the next day or so. Crazy! :)


  • Genevieve

    Very pretty! I can’t comment on the Grain Free Menu Plan post but I just wanted to say thank you so much for picking me as one of the winners! I got a chance to poke around the site last night and I am beyond impressed with the menu plans.


  • This is a really nice idea. All the ladies in my family swap and share seeds from our gardens (God gave every last one of us a love of gardening.) :)

    So many seeds can be saved for next year. I’ve been having fun collecting heirloom tomatoes. Squash/pumpkins are perhaps the hardest to save because they cross-pollinate too easily. Herbs are usually the easiest. There really isn’t any need to spend so much money on seeds each year, especially if you’ve already established your favorites and as long as they aren’t hybrids. Don’t be afraid, save those seeds! Then share the love and pass some on. 😉


  • This is a lovely idea! I’m sure it would be a much appreciated gift.


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