Simple Homeschool: Reading Intro

These past few weeks, we have been thrilled to see our little girl’s first times of reading (at age 4). Here is a quick recording, so you can share in the fun, too, if you want:

Click Here to hear the Audio of Gen’s reading)

There are about 15 seconds of quiet at the beginning, until she figures out what we’re doing. I was cuddling her little brother at the time, so you can hear him cooing & cheering for her partway through, too. :)

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For her homeschooling this year, we’ve loved our Sonlight Curriculum (a combination of their P4/5 and Kindergarten materials; you can read my review of frugally doing Sonlight here).

We have also begun supplementing with the guide, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons and the favorite classic set of BOB Books. (She’s reading from volume 1, book #1 in the photo/audio.)

For handwriting, we use the free manuscript forms provided by Donna Young here (coinciding with the lessons in the “Teach Your Child to Read” book).

In living simply, we love gradually sharing the love of learning with our little ones, as a family, in everyday life, savoring everything that God has made.

You can see that homeschooling isn’t just a “mama job;” Daddy is an incredible teacher, patiently and joyfully bringing out the best in our daughter. (That’s his plaid jacket & arms in the corner, lest you think I’ve suddenly sprouted some manly arms.) :)

Then, when we’re done with the day’s lesson, Gen loves to try “teaching” it to her little brother! (He is fascinated, and loves being read to. Sometimes he will try to repeat back what she is saying, such as numbers or letter sounds.)

How does your family participate in schooling together?

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4 comments to Simple Homeschool: Reading Intro

  • We used the BOB books too – they were amazing…and fun!


  • Michelle

    We are using “Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons” with our three-year-old boy and we’re on lesson 75-ish. This year we decided only to tackle reading for home learning since he’s still quite young, but it has been fun! I love watching him sound out words pretty much everywhere we go, and he loves to show off his new skill to his grandparents and aunts and uncles. It’s fun to see that someone else is using this book, since it’s pretty old – my husband learned to read using the same book when he was three years old as well. (And my mom taught me to read at age two using a different method – more like memorizing words than truly reading.)


  • We love cuddling up together at night for reading aloud. And on occasion DH will do some reading out of our history books if we don’t get to it during the day.


  • We recently started homeschooling our 4 yr old and we are using learn to read in 20 easy lesson. We are quite flexibile at this stage so we do one lesson a day and then play time.


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