Weekend Inspiration 3.5

{Photo Credit: stevendepolo}

Sharing some of my fun finds of the week!



  • On Being Gathered @ Pearls and Grace…”He has not forgotten about the broken pieces.”



  • The Crises of Development @ At Home with Montessori… Ah, the “crises of opposition.” This perfectly helps me understand and participate in this with my 18 1/2-month-old.


  • Making Seed Tape @ Central Florida Green Guide… A great DIY idea for making gardening with teeny-tiny seeds easier for those little hands.


  • Painted Wooden Travel Playset @ Rhythm of the Home… I’ve been thinking of the little wooden peg dolls my parent made me for as a child; this is lovely!


{Window Shopping}

Ashley G and DrewI’ve been seeing this fun artwork from a local artist around more often lately in some simple room decorating, and loving it.

What are the highlights of your weekend?

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4 comments to Weekend Inspiration 3.5

  • Diana

    Thanks for sharing “Mudhouse Sabbath”. I added it to my library list! And I love Simplicity Parenting!


  • Oh, I love Mudhouse Sabbath, such a rich book! Enjoy…

    I’m reading Simplicity Parenting this month. Great books!


  • Noelle

    The Geometric Solids!! As a former Montessori teacher, I love seeing Montessori materials at home! Did you find them at a garage sale or something?


    Michele Reply:

    @Noelle, Sadly, no, we don’t own them yet. (It’s a photo from flickr.) But they’re at the top of my Montessori wish list- I’m hoping to make some soon! :) We’ve been adding in more “Montessori tasks” for our little ones lately, and they’re really thriving with it. :) I just popped in the photo, since one of my links this weekend is about Montessori parenting.

    Thanks for stopping by!



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