Plan to Eat Membership Giveaway! {3 Winners}

Having a meal plan simplifies my life and my budget. Once a month, I plan a rough menu plan (at least dinners) for the month and prepare my big grocery list. Whether I’m ordering my groceries online or shopping in a store, I stock up on most of the needed ingredients.

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I actually store quite a bit of produce in our cold basement or refrigerator, but I do pick up some perishables throughout the month, such as additional produce, eggs, etc. For the most part, though, I’m not stopping by the store for last-minute items, or staring into the freezer at 5:00 pm wondering what we’re going to eat.

Even meal-planning has been simplified for me, now.

With Plan to Eat, I’ve been loading in my favorite recipes off the internet (it’s easy to copy & paste or import), so they’re finally organized. Whenever I create a week’s menu, it gets saved; then all I have to do is “reload” it another week, when I’m ready to make those meals again! (There’s a fun feature where you can share recipes with friends, too.)

It even creates my grocery list for me, tracking the ingredients in my menu plan! (I can easily adjust it, if I already have items on hand.)

Even if you’re not a detailed meal planner like me (I post my 3-meals-a-day plan each week), it’s nice to know what you’ll be eating each day.

Plan to Eat is offering to give away THREE one-year memberships (valued at $39 each) to Frugal Granola readers!

To enter the giveaway:

Visit the Plan to Eat website and take the Tour to learn more. (You can sign up for the free 30-day Trial while you’re there!) Then leave a comment on this blog post to enter the giveaway, letting us know the answer to: Do you meal plan- why or why not?

For optional additional entries:

Giveaway will close 4/18/11. Winner will be randomly selected by No purchase necessary. Plan to Eat is a sponsor of Frugal Granola, and I received a membership for review purposes. All opinions are my own.
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102 comments to Plan to Eat Membership Giveaway! {3 Winners}

  • I should meal plan, but I usually don’t make the time to do it. I’d love to though! Hoping to win!

  • Denise

    No, I haven’t though just this week I started using plans through another website. I’m interested in seeing how yours work.

  • I want to, but I usually don’t. I REALLY need to get started though!!

  • joanna

    I’ve never meal planned- I tend to keep lots of staples on hand, and then decide what I want to eat when meal time comes. Thing is, if I’m uninspired or wait too long to decide, we just end up going out to eat. This would help!

  • Lexie

    I would love to meal plan more in-depth than I do. This tool looks really helpful!

  • Elizabeth

    I do meal plan but not as often/well as I would like. I do this out of necessity,, with small children, it is not fun to haul them to the grocery store, I would much rather spend my time doing other things than running to the store every week! :)

    thanks for the giveaway!
    love your blog!

  • melissa

    I do meal plan and my husband has been encouraging me for years to streamline the process, as it takes me a whole day to plan it all. I would love to win this!!

  • vanessa

    We have a vague plan and seem to have several go-to meals. We have Taco Tuesday and make your own pizza on Fridays. Beyond that, well sometimes we get it together enough to plan sometimes we don’t. If I win this, I’ll put my husband in charge of meal planning – I do most of the cooking and the worst part of it is the – What’s for dinner? question. I’d be so much happier if someone just told me, this is what we are having for dinner.

  • Kristen

    I do not meal plan, but I should! I am currently putting together a household notebook and am attempting to put a four week meal plan together for that. It is like writing with my left hand…I was never taught this!

  • Kristen

    I follow Frugal Granola on FB. I didn’t know I could follow Plan to Eat…but I will do that, too!

  • Kristen

    I just subscribed to the Plan to Eat blog!

  • Ang

    I weekly meal plan. I couldn’t image shopping without a plan. I would like to be better organized and monthly plan.

  • Stacy

    I try my best to do meal planning, because it makes meals simpler, less rushed, and I know exactly what I need to buy at the grocery store. There is less waste and it most definitely saves money on groceries (and eating out because there isn’t anything in the fridge). :) I do have yet to get a consistent planning system in place and I love Plan to Eat… but my free trial expires, soon. :(

    Thanks for the generous giveaway! :)

  • Stacy

    I subscribe!

  • jess

    I go back & forth…making a weekly mean plan and then not. Definitely life is much easier when there is a plan in place…so why can’t I stick to it? I’d love to try this!

  • I do meal plan, but I don’t like doing it. I plan for a month at a time, so it takes an hour or two to come up with the meals and then figure out what I need to buy at the store. I know it saves me time and money in the long run, but I always put it off until we are completely out of food since it is an unfavorable task. If I don’t win, I think I’ll try out the 30 day trial. Sounds like it’d take some of the hassle out of meal planning.

    Michele Reply:

    Go ahead & sign up for the trial, Kate. :) If you do win, they’ll just extend your membership!

  • Jenn S

    I meal plan but it is definitley sporadic and this tool would help a whole lot!

  • I want to eat healthier and save money on groceries. I know that meal planning is the ticket. I have managed to do it every once in a while and I love it. It is my recurring New Year’s resolution.

  • Tammy R.

    I do not meal plan simply because I don’t know how to even get started. I would love to win this so I could learn how since I really think it would help me be less stressed about “what’s for dinner?” Thanks!

  • Tammy R.

    I just subscribed to the plan to eat blog.

  • Ronda

    I do meal plan, and it make such a difference in my evenings. Since I work over 25 hours per week and go to school full time, having a meal plan ends up saving me time even if I have to put some work in at the beginning of the week or month to get it planned. Each night the plan helps me feel motivated when I get home after a long day that I can just get started and not have to figure out what I’m going to cook. It also keeps me from being stuck with nothing thawed for dinner! The Plan-to-eat site sounds like it would make my planning process a whole lot easier!

  • Ronda

    I subscribe to the Plan-to-Eat blog.

  • Ronda

    I follow Frugal Granola on FB.

  • Tammy R.

    I liked both plan to eat and frugal granola on facebook.

  • Dolores

    I have just recently started trying to meal plan. Plan to Eat looks amazing and so simple. It would really help.

  • Shanna

    I write out a rough meal (dinner) plan at the beg. of each week. But when the day arrives I might switch up which meal I make. Sometimes that is because I’m trying to use of things in the fridge so they don’t go to waste.

  • Shanna

    Like Frugal Granola on FB.

  • Gayle H.

    I keep on PLANNING to meal plan, but then I never get around to it. This looks like it would make it a lot easier!

  • Gayle H.

    I like FG on FB.

  • Kristina

    I do my best to meal plan. Some weeks are better than others. It would be a blessing to win.

  • I usually meal plan but I have been off the wagon after having baby #5 2 months ago. Plan to Eat looks like it would be a huge help! Meal planning definitely save time and money . . .not to mention my sanity!

  • I am subscribed to the Plan to Eat blog :)

  • I like Frugal Granola on facebook.

  • I like Plan to Eat on facebook.

  • Bobbi

    I try to meal plan, but don’t always get to it. I do shop by my grocery flyer though.

  • Bobbi

    I like you on FB also. :) Thanks

  • Ummm…I try to meal plan, but never feel like I’m organized enough with it. I would love to have a great system in place!

  • And definitely like Frugal Granola on FB :)

  • niki

    I do meal plan. I have 5 children, my oldest will be 4 in May, so I have to meal plan! I am super excited about this great find! I am following BOTH on facebook, I have subscribed and am glad I found this super resource!

  • Anna

    I work 60 hours a week. I have to meal plan or I would be eating junk.

  • Stacia J

    I do meal plan weekly and base my plans on the sale ads but I’m not as organized as I’d like to be. I just signed up for the 30day free trial for Plan to Eat :)

  • Stacia J

    I subscribe to Plan to Eat blog via email :)

  • Stacia J

    I follow both Frugal Granola and Plan to Eat on FB

  • I love to meal plan…but I am so inconsistent with it. When I do I am way less stressed…and not constantly thinking about dinner options up until I start dinner! It’s written out…it’s done…you’d think I’d be more consistent about it!

  • I do meal plan weekly. If I didn’t I would never know what I was going to do for supper. I have a busy schedule and would go crazy!

  • Beth

    I pretty much always have a meal plan. I’m even starting to think a little more about breakfasts and lunches too. It’s just so much easier and you know what to buy at the store.

  • Beth

    I am subscribed to the Plan to Eat Blog

  • Beth

    I like Plan to Eat on FB.

  • I would love to say that I always plan meals, but it is rarely the case. The truth is, when I plan meals, I have a lot more peace and productivity, not to mention healthy food options when I plan.

    I like Plan to Eat & Frugal Granola on FB

  • Sarah

    I meal plan but informally and sometimes I realize that it’s been years since I’ve made a particular favorite meal b/c I just forgot about it!

  • Sarah

    …and I subscribe to the blog

  • Sarah

    …and I like on facebook! 😉

  • Andrea

    I have tried meal plans in the past but not successfully. Now that my kids are getting a bit older and I am getting a bit more tired, a meal plan like this would be a real time saver. Genious, if you ask me! Can not wait to give it a try!

  • I do meal plan – and it helps so much!! We rarely have those panicky moments of not knowing what to eat. It still happens once in awhile if I forget to do something or plans get in the way of meal prep…but it happens a LOT less than it used to before I planned meals!

  • Heather

    I meal plan on a weekly basis. I would definitely need external help in order to plan for a longer period than that!

  • TJ

    I used to plan menus while walking around the grocery store, which worked great for me until I had kids. Now, I avoid the grocery store like the plague and have more mouths to feed. I’m in the process of learning how to menu plan, and this would be a GREAT resource!

  • TJ

    I subscribed to Plan to Eat!

  • TJ

    And I followed Frugal Granola on FB. :)

  • I do meal plan and I am currently using the 30 day free membership at Plan to Eat and so far I love it! REALLY easy to use:).

  • Ann

    Absolutely! i have been meal planning for a month at a time lately and it makes the hectic life of a full time teacher so much easier-except for the fact that it takes me about a whole Saturday to plan it all out. I would love to try out plan to eat to see how much time it can save me.

  • Leah Alexander

    I do meal plan- it’s the only way that I can help us to stick to our budget for food shopping. When I don’t meal plan, I end up with all sorts of odds and ends that happened to look good in the grocery store that I can’t make anything out of, and we end up eating out!

  • Leah Alexander

    I follow FG on FB!

  • Julie W

    I’m trying to do a better job of weekly meal planning. A tool like Plan to Eat would definitely be a great help!

  • Scarlet

    Yes, without a weekly plan for quick dishes some nites, extra cooking others, and which days I need to crockpot so we have food when we finally hit the door at nite,there would never be anything to eat! And I still usually have to pick up at least one fast food meal about every two weeks due to poor planning.

  • erica

    Following Frugal Granola on FB!

  • erica

    Liked Plan to eat on FB!

  • erica

    Now following plan to eat on FB

  • erica

    I make a half heart attempt at meal planning. Some weeks we stick to the plan…Other weeks we end up not being home (usually at relatives where we cook together) or if I am working the hubs or my mom whoever is watching the kiddos will not prepare the preplanned meal….I even let them choose the meal….

  • summer

    Sadly, I don’t meal plan. Does it count that I read your meal plan weekly?? Okay, maybe not. I came across your blog the same week we welcomed our third child, three years ago. You helped me through many sleepless nights! We are about to have our fourth child any moment (due yesterday). I know PLAN to EAT would be a great blessing! Thanks, Michele :)

  • Jen

    I really try to meal plan but they end up falling apart about 2 days in. I think it’s because I make them too complex. Must simplify!

  • Jen

    I subscribed to Plan to Eat.

  • Jen

    I’m a fan of Frugal Granola on FB.

  • Jen

    I’m a fan of Plan to Eat on FB.

  • I really should meal plan. I try like crazy to do it and can’t seem to get organized. I am forever clipping recipes from online to try and haven’t found a good way to organize them. Plan to Eat would solve all of this. I would love to win this. I’m a subscriber of the blog with my personal email address.

  • I follow Frugal Granola on Facebook with my personal account and follow Frugal Granola in email through

  • I am a follower of Plan to Eat on Facebook with my personal account. Thanks for the opportunity to win! It’s a great giveaway!

  • Love meal planning! Makes everything in my kitchen run much smoother.

  • I subscribed to Plan to Eat.

  • I like FG on facebook.

  • I like Plan to Eat on FB.

  • Yes, I meal plan and I use Plan to Eat, but I would love to win a free membership!!!

  • I also subscribe to the Plan to Eat blog.

  • I am following the plan to eat blog.

  • I do meal plan so when I go grocery shopping, everything I buy is intentional and will be eaten that week. It also saves money.

  • I follow Frugal Granola.

  • Kate

    I meal plan in my head a couple days at a time, according to what meat I pull out of the freezer.

  • Kate

    I suscribed to the Plan to Eat blog.

  • Kate

    I liked Frugal Granola on Facebook

  • Jessica

    I don’t currently meal plan, but I really really want to, for frugal and healthy reasons. :)

  • Jessica

    Oh! I also like Frugal Granola on Fbook.

  • Jessica

    I also added Plan to Eat to my Google Reader feed! Exciting.

  • Yes I meal plan. There are times I do not–I often come up short when I plan meals, but I can see where this site would be helpful!

  • follow plan to eat on facebook

  • like you on facebook

  • Amanda

    I have tried making meal plans Sooooo many times! Usually I’m successful for a week or two if I’m lucky. This site looks like a godsend! I’ve got a hubby, 4 kids, a 90 y/o grandmother and a dear friend who grace the table most nights and with 8 mouths I know having a PLAN would bring so much more peace! Excited to study this site more! Thanks Frugal Granola for sharing! :))

  • Solducky

    I try to meal plan – our budget and bellies are so much happier when I do. But I often don’t get to sit down and just focus on that for as long as I need to.

  • Solducky

    I am following you both on FB as sarah linette

  • Solducky

    I subscribed to the Plan to Eat blog via Google reader

  • Karma

    I don’t meal plan, although I’m quite sure I should. I just simply haven’t taken the time to get started.

  • Karma

    I subscribe to the plan to eat blog

  • Karma

    I follow both on FB