The Little Things

As I’m immersing myself in gratitude this season, I asked Katie to share a guest post with us about her gorgeous “Thankful Thoughts Journals.” Enjoy! -Michele :)

Sometimes we just need to sit down and embrace the little details that make life good.

Do you ever pause and just think about that? About all the incredible, beautiful little things that make life oh-so-good?

I’ll be the first to admit that I can get caught up and frustrated about things that really don’t matter.  Dinner being late.  A missed appointment.  Whining kids.  Work deadlines.  In-laws.  The list goes on and on, doesn’t it?

So what if we made a habit of pausing and just focusing on all the goodness?

My name is Katie.  I am the designer behind a handmade journal shop –

Having lived in Europe, flying airplanes, and just experiencing life from so many perspectives (blogged at, I’ve made it my business to help people draw out stories with writing prompts and fun little extras (like old school library cards, tags, and pockets).  It’s the coolest job ever!

And you know what one of my favorite journals is?  This one:
It’s {The Little Things} ~ Listing Thankful ThoughtsThe book is all about pausing to love the small bits of life.

The cover is Italian paper.  The pages are 100% recycled.  It’s just the right size to tuck in your purse or keep by your bed.

Do you imagine there’s a little pocket in our hearts labeled “all my thanks”?
That’s where this book tucks in perfectly.

Just to show my thanks to Michele and all of you, here’s a coupon for 10% off your purchase at Gadanke through Friday, April 8.  Code:  THANKFUL

Happy writing!

Connect with Katie at:
I received no compensation for this post or from any purchase at Gadanke. I just love Katie’s work, and asked her to share it with you! :)
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