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TriLight Health is one of those companies that keeps “popping up” in my conversations lately. After hearing about them from two different friends, reading Shonda Parker’s books, and then realizing that they’re a local-to-me company, I really wanted to give their herbal remedies a try!

Our family and a few other Frugal Granola readers have been sampling some of TriLight’s products for the past month, and now I can see why this company’s popularity is due to word-of-mouth. Their herbal products are of very high quality!

Yes, I do make many of my own remedies, but there are still some items that I prefer to purchase, either due to quality that is better than I can make on my own, or items that are more time-intensive to prepare than this busy mama can handle.

After some minor health concerns in our family these past couple of years that our homemade remedies or multivitamins didn’t seem to completely resolve, I was especially interested in the Liquid Light Herbal Minerals product. It is safe for all members of our family, so we only needed one product (especially nice when we were traveling; I only had to pack one bottle!).

I wasn’t sure what to expect we’d see (if anything), but hoped the high content of Calcium and Magnesium (among other minerals) might have some benefit to our health.

Magnesium has especially been a concern for me these past couple years; while pregnant I continued to have “low-magnesium symptoms” (such as leg cramps, which have continued occasionally since), despite the many herbal supplements I tried. Then, Raynaud’s was discovered postpartum during my first winter of breastfeeding, for which additional calcium/magnesium is recommended.

I took one tsp. of the Herbal Minerals each day (skipping a day or two occasionally, if I forgot). The label says I could take it up to 3-6 times per day, with the amount recommended for my body weight, but we just took it once a day. (The children took 1/4 tsp. and 1/2 tsp. respectively.)

I was pleased to see the following results:

  • Relief from my Raynaud’s symptoms
  • Relief from my leg cramps
  • Decreased under-eye circles in our children (For one child, we’ve observed low-normal iron levels, and will get that checked again in June; I’m thinking we’ll likely see improved results! The other child didn’t have iron issues, but struggled to have restful sleep; we’re now starting to see some better sleep patterns.)
  • Increased energy and morning alertness for me. (I’ve often struggled with very groggy mornings, but I’ve been much more able to wake in the mornings now. In fact, I had to start taking this with my breakfast instead of at bedtime, because an evening dose seemed to interfere with my bedtime restfulness!)

I’d heard warnings of some “icky” tasting products from TriLight, so I was rather wary to take my first sip. I was pleased to find that it has a sweet peppermint taste! I was uncertain about the cost effectiveness of the product, but there is still a lot left in the bottle, so I’m sure it will last us quite awhile yet, making it more reasonable to me.

Continue reading for some reviews of other TriLight products from readers… and for the giveaway of $100 worth of products!

“I have two children with lots of seasonal allergies and “AL-R-G” worked very well for them! It is nice to have a natural product to give them instead of steroids. The only complaint was the taste.”

“Both my husband and I had colds when this arrived. I kept asking him to try some, but he refused (as he usually does, no matter what I try to give him). :) I ended up being the only one who used it in the reviewing period. My sinuses were quite congested, and I even had some drainage in my lymph nodes – it was definitely progressing into a full-blown cold.

I took the RespaClear as directed (1/4 teaspooon every two hours) for the first day, and woke up 80% better. After that, I took it once a day until my lymph node swelling went down.

Definitely worked really well for me – and in comparison, my husband only just kicked the congestion. I tend to have low-level congestion that just hangs on, so I was really happy to kick this out within days. And there is still a ton left for the next time one of us is feeling ill.

This formula tasted pretty good. Basically, it appears to be an elderberry/echinachea glycerite (it has similar ingredients, minus the glycerin, that I would put in elderberry syrup if I made it at home).

I think it’s fairly economical, too – it is a large enough bottle to last some time for the price, since the dosage is so small, and also has a much longer shelf life than a homemade concoction. So, while I enjoy making my own remedies, I would probably buy this again to keep on hand, and I look forward to trying some of the other remedies I have been reading about on Trilight’s site!

Thanks so much for letting me have the opportunity to review this product! Definitely saved the day for me since I am due to give birth any day now and did not want to go into labor ill.” :)

Female Formula:
“I was so very excited to try the Female Formula from Trilight for my 16-year-old daughter who suffers from very painful cramps the first day and sometimes second day of her cycle. We have tried a popular homeopathic remedy for this problem and though it takes the edge off of the cramps, it does not prevent nor seem to take them completely away.

The product seemed to come very quickly and I promptly opened the bottle to smell and taste it. Licorice is the prominent smell and taste…which unfortunately for us is not a favorite flavor.

The directions say take 1-3 teaspoons (per 125 lbs. body weight) 1-3 times per day or as needed. If you are experiencing painful cramps try using 1 tsp daily during the month. Then a few days before your period starts try using 3 tsp/day. During the painful cramps take in heavier dosages as needed.

She tried a teaspoon the first day after we received it and she did not like the taste and a little while later it made her stomach hurt. I had a friend muscle test her to make sure it was ok for her to take, after the fact of course, and it said NO, which explains why it made her stomach hurt in the first place. So for us, after this first day, we had to stop taking this product. I am not able to say whether or not it does help with cramps, as we never got that far into the month to know.

On a side note, if she could actually take it without causing stomach aches, and I knew it WORKED, I honestly don’t know if I would continue to buy it. The price point for this product is quite high if you take it as the directions state every day to alleviate problematic symptoms. You would take somewhere around 6 ounces in the course of a month with a cost of $29.96 (8 oz bottle is $39.95). For me to take one product just for cramps and to have to take it daily at that cost is too costly for my budget.

I appreciate the opportunity to try this product and review it, though it looks like I will have to keep trying to find a product which she will tolerate that will relieve her symptoms.”

ADHD/ADD Ayurvedic Care:
We received the AVADD ADD support formula to try. We were very excited to try it as my daughter and I both suffer from ADD – oh, wait, no we don’t – we enjoy every minute of it! But sometimes a lack of focus makes it harder for us to communicate in a positive way.

The package arrived very professionally packaged. We felt very confident about the safety of the product and of its natural origins.

We measured out a dose based on her weight in the morning and let her sip it. She coughed it up and gagged all over the place – she informed me that the taste was awful and please don’t make her take it again. I figured she was exaggerating – after all, a natural product isn’t going to taste like a gummy vitamin – so I measured out a dose for myself. The smell was overwhelmingly bad and the taste was so terrible that I was noticeably nauseous.

I felt bad about not being able to review the product positively, so I contacted Trilight. They responded with a personal e-mail within 3 business days. They were very pleasant and asked for batch information from the bottom of the bottle. This tells me that they have a professional work environment and care about the long-term quality of what they are selling. He found nothing wrong with the batch and let me know other customers have not complained. He did not have any suggestions for how to make the taste better, however.

We did notice a mild improvement in behavior the first day that we took the medicine, and experimented some with improving the taste. I feel that over a long time, the solution could make an improvement in behavior, especially when combined with a careful diet and proper exercise.

The product is support, not a “fix”, which is why I can definitely recommend the product. If you don’t like the taste, as we did not, I recommended diluting it in cool water or an appropriate juice or tea. In a sweetened drink, my daughter said it did not taste bad at all.

Although I probably would not buy the product again, I was very impressed with the courtesy and professionalism extended to us during the trial, and would definitely work with the company again.”

Lympha Rub:
I was eager to try TriLight Health’s Lympha Rub. The formulation of essential oils in an olive oil base appealed to my desire for a natural remedy for relief from sore throat, cold, and sinus congestion.

By the time my sample arrived, my kids were, thankfully, in full health, but I was a few days into a pretty nasty cold with sinus congestion. As directed, I applied a couple of drops behind my ears. While I at first enjoyed the bright and spicy aroma of the Lympha Rub, I was soon overwhelmed by it and felt like it was choking me. I wiped off the Lympha Rub but still enjoyed some clearing of the sinuses. I had the same experience the next two times I used the Lympha Rub. I have asthma, allergies, and a sensitive nose, so I chalked up my response to that. As a result, I chose not to try the Lympha Rub on my kids (3 years and 1 1/2 years-old) just in case.

Bottom Line: Proceed with caution, but definitely give Lympha Rub a try. In fact, I used it again tonight for sinus congestion but applied only one, little drop behind my ear. For me, it definitely has a positive, clearing effect on my sinuses.

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