Simple Mother’s Day Adventure

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Post by Contributing Writer, Calvin

We started Mother’s Day by hanging out with the high school Sunday school class we teach. Michele and I love being around these kids because they possess an authenticity that only teenagers could have. (And they don’t seem to mind when our toddler throws his toy trucks at them during class.)

We’re not really teachers; we’re more like fellow-travelers that have a little more experience of what the journey could be like. What a great way to start the week!

After Sunday school, we piled our little ones into the car and made the trek out of town for a mini adventure. We had heard rumors of a big farmers’ market and natural food coop, as well as wanting to visit the site of a coffee roasting company who will be supplying our business.

So, seeking adventure and beautiful food, we headed west (and a little north). While riding through every little town between us and the big city, Gen would ask, “Is this the city where we are going?”

While driving past the state capitol, we tried to introduce our four-year-old to democracy and the making of law. She was impressed with the beautifully mowed lawn, and wanted to know if she could run on it. We kept going.

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The Farmers’ Market was full of spring-time life. Every farmer’s table was a green explosion of new vegetables and flowers. Our children especially liked the mushroom farm’s table, and being able to touch the different kinds of mushrooms. We bought an abundance of organic veggies and starts, and went in search of the coffee roaster.

The roasting company is a small-batch roaster who buys directly from growers around the world. The two employees working gave us a tour of their roasting room. But as the kids were acting a bit nutty (pretending to eat the landscaping!), we decided to go on to a local natural foods coop to find some nourishment.

After picking up a few groceries and lots of snacks (Daddy’s in charge of meals/travel food on Mother’s Day!), we headed back toward home. One of our family traditions is to stop for ice cream in a town near where we live. Especially since it was Mother’s Day, we couldn’t let tradition die.

I’ve never seen two kids scarf ice cream so fast. An extra bonus was being able to run around with Grandma, Grandpa, and an Auntie after they saw us driving by and stopped to visit in the parking lot.

Yes, Sunday was a rich day. What made it so rewarding was not having to manufacture fun and entertainment. We simply drank in the experiences as they were poured for us. We let our Father love us through family, tomato starts, the smell of coffee, wholesome food, and ice cream.

He truly gives good gifts.

Calvin is a dad of two munchkins and the husband of his Lover and Editor, Michele. He likes hanging out with kids while showing them God’s extravagance. He roams his community at night as a volunteer firefighter & EMT. By day, he owns and operates a sustainable, real food Bed & Breakfast in the Pacific Northwest.

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4 comments to Simple Mother’s Day Adventure

  • “But as the kids were acting a bit nutty (pretending to eat the landscaping!), we decided to go on to a local natural foods coop to find some nourishment.” I had to laugh when I read that – I LOVE it! LOL…

    Sounds like an awesome day, and a memorable Mother’s Day.


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