Rainy Day/Sick Day Gift Bag

Some of our little friends (a young brother & sister) had their tonsils out recently, and we decided to surprise them on a rainy day after they returned from the hospital.

Knowing they were stuck inside, and not feeling well as they recovered from surgeries, we wanted to bless them (and help their mama out!) by giving them a few new things to do.

I’ve also loved having some of these fun types of items on hand for a “sick day” in our own home. (It can be especially challenging when Mama gets ill!)

The Gift Bag Contents:

  • I mixed up a batch of our natural orange-scented homemade playdough (using conventional “gluten” all-purpose flour). It’s stored in a repurposed mason jar, with a homemade label.
  • A small children’s book from the thrift store (a gender-neutral topic; fun trivia & photos of dogs).
  • A couple organic fruit lollipops. (I had purchased a small bag as treats for our road trip last month, and had some leftover.)
  • For Her: I printed off a couple free vintage Betsy McCall paper doll sets. (Perhaps Mama might enjoy these as well?) :)
  • For Him: A few plastic dinosaur toys from the thrift store. I repurposed an old office supply package, and re-labeled it “Roar”, inspired by Emily’s Dino Valentines. (I figured this little boy wouldn’t be “roaring” for awhile, and would need some little friends to “roar” for him.) :)
  • A small hand-written card decorated with stickers (who doesn’t love mail?)
  • A mini bouquet of fresh-picked daffodils for Mama, stored in a repurposed spice jar, as a vase.

It was just a collection of simple things, as we just simply wanted to extend our friendship.

What are your favorite “rainy day/sick day” gift box items? Do you keep one on hand?

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