Natural Pick-Me-Up Tea

Ever have one of those sluggish days, when you feel like you’re really dragging?

Whether it’s the first day of a woman’s cycle, a week of weary days with a toddler, the demanding months of pregnancy, or just a bleary morning when you’re saying “I just don’t know why I’m so tired!”, instead of reaching for a sweet treat or a cup of caffeine, try a nourishing tea!

A sluggish mind/body or cravings for sweets can often be attributed to a simple nutrient deficiency. Sweets & caffeine will just tend to deplete nutrient stores even further.

In addition to nutrient-dense snacks and meals and restful sleep, supplementing with an herbal tea can be a pleasant way to add some energizing nutrients. Nettles are full of minerals and other benefits, and the Red Raspberry Leaf tea is a rich source of additional vitamins.

Natural Pick-Me-Up Tea

1 tsp. dried Nettle Leaf
1 tsp. dried Red Raspberry Leaves*
1 cup Hot Water

Steep herbs (use a tea ball or bag, if desired) in the cup of hot water, covered, for at least 20-30 minutes. Enjoy warm or cold. (This makes a refreshing tea on a hot summer’s day!)

Sweeten with a tad bit of honey, if you like, but I’ve found the mildly sweet, “green earthy” taste pleasant enough without any additions.

*Dried Red Raspberry Leaf actually doesn’t look very “leafy.” It’ll seem more like a fluffy/spongy moss texture; just add a couple pinches into your teaspoon until it seems about right. You don’t have to be “exact.” :)

I love seeing the arrival of the spring/early summer nettle plants growing wild in the surrounding forest lands of our area. If you don’t have any growing near you, it can be found in bulk, such as from Mountain Rose Herbs.

This post is part of Hearth & Soul Recipe Exchange at A Moderate Life.

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13 comments to Natural Pick-Me-Up Tea

  • MMM sounds delicious! When you say nettle…do you mean those prickly things that grow in the yard? If not, what do they look like? I’d like to find out if we have them growing wild around us. Thanks for the great posts!


  • I sampled something like this at a recent foraging class. It is soooo good and nourishing!


  • I was just getting ready to prepare some of that! In the summer, like to add just a touch of mint to mine, brew it strong, and serve it over ice :0)


  • Melanie

    This sounds good! Just a note, Red Raspberry Leaf can cause induction of labor – I found that out the hard way when I was 31 weeks pregnant. My OB told me to stay away from the raspberry tea until I was full term! : )


    Cory Reply:

    You know, that’s funny….Red Raspberry leaf tea is actually calming my all-too-enthusiastic braxton-hix! But I had heard the same thing, to be careful during pregnancy.


    Michele Reply:

    @Cory, The Red Raspberry Leaf Tea was recommended to me by my midwives, and I drank many quarts of it during my pregnancy. But yes, as always, check with your provider before taking any herbs or supplements. :)



  • Mmm, sounds delicious! I like the idea of a natural pick-me-up. Sadly, we have no wild nettle growing near us, but perhaps I will look into purchasing some.


  • I drink tea all the time and this is new tea recipe to me. Thanks for sharing this with hearth and soul hop :)


  • Nicole

    I’m confused about the verdict on raspberry leaf tea. I really like it, but since I became pregnant, I’ve been avoiding it so that I won’t accidentally cause a miscarriage. Then I’ve read that it’s good for pregnancy and the constant miserable nausea and queasiness and exhaustion that it brings. I’m really tempted to try it, but also really afraid of miscarrying. I wish there was some definitive answer as to whether raspberry leaf tea is safe or not!


    Michele @ Frugal Granola Reply:

    @Nicole, It’s best to check with your midwife for your specific health needs during pregnancy as you make your decision. For some pregnant women, it can be fine, while others (often with a history of miscarriage) prefer to avoid it. I think it mostly depends on what your body seems to be ready for. :)



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