Sew Yourself a Simple Summer Skirt

Post by Contributing Writer, Emily C.

Summer is arriving and with it comes the type of weather that makes us reach for our sweet skirts and breezy dresses.

With a few simple instructions and maybe the help of a sewing-minded friend, you can make yourself a new summer skirt that you will love and wear for many years to come instead of hitting up the clearance racks for something in your budget that you’ll probably end up throwing out in the next neighborhood clothes swap.

There are so many great ideas in the world and so many talented people sharing their work, so let me share with you a few favorite patterns and tutorials that you can find for free!

Craft Stew has a hearty round-up of free skirt patterns and tutorials. This one has been on my to-do list for over a year now!

Grosgrain just did a whole month of free patterns. Including a cute scallop waist skirt. Something I’d never heard of… a paper bag waist skirt.  A darling pattern for a half slip, something that you rarely see women wearing these days!   And of course a little how-to on refashioning an old dress into a new skirt, my favorite way to “make” new clothes!

Hit the library and grab a copy of Sew Liberated and you can quickly create your own Jersey Skirt. Keep it plain like mine or add some pizzazz like the one on the cover of the book! I’ve also heard great things about the yard sale skirt from Weekend Sewing!

There are lots of other great sewing books out there and your library is certain to have one or two filled with enough patterns and ideas to inspire your own.

While my summer skirt selection is not quite up to date yet I have to say that my little girls are always well-stocked in any season with simple elastic waist skirts. In winter they wear them over leggings with long sleeve shirts and in the summer they pair them with sleeveless tops.

I can dress them up with cute little sandals and sweaters or make matching versions for special occasions. We can run around the playground in a ruckus of crazy colors and excitement on days that mom lets them pick out their clothes all on their own.

These skirts are probably the simplest thing that you could ever sew, a great beginning project for new sewers and even for kids! They hardly need instruction but there are several places around the internet where I’ve seen inspiring tutorials and ideas for just such skirts.

Two of my favorites to glance at are: Twirly Skirt Tutorial and Made’s Simple Skirts.  Each of these versions is slightly different and it’s always fun to see how different people make such similar looking things.

Once you get the basic skirt down you can add pockets, ruffles, embroidery, and all sorts of cute little embellishments to make the skirt just the way she wants it.

I hope your first days of summer are filled with sunshine, smiles and twirls in your skirt!

Emily lives in Salt Lake City with her husband Jeremy and their 3 wild and crazy kiddos! She loves reading, running, baking yummy treats for her family, her early morning yoga, walking to the library and all things creative and crafty. She especially enjoys exploring nature with her children and learning side by side with them. You’ll find her chatting about all aspects of life at her blog, Industrious Emily* and also sharing her crafty side through the blog, Life at the Table.

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