Weekend Inspiration {6.18}

It’s looking like a beautiful, sunny weekend here! Take time to rest, and here are a few of my favorite links of the week:






  • Green Spring Clean @ The Mountain Rose Herbs Blog… Some good, basic natural solutions.


  • Build a Little Helper Tower @ Ana White… Perfect for a Montessori home; I’d love to make/have one of these for my toddler! (It looks like purchasing a ready-made one is about $150. I’m excited to see a homemade version!)


{Window Shopping}

Wild Poppy Shoppe Cute vintage-inspired items.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

{Photo Credit}

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2 comments to Weekend Inspiration {6.18}

  • Thanks for adding our Homemade Super Balls to your list of Inspirations! I really appreciate it!!!


  • The Little Helper Tower looks like fun! We have found an even cheaper (and simpler) alternative that is working great for us for now — a solid wood, barrel chair. It pulls up completely to the counter or table (no space to “fall through” the sides) and has a wide base — it has yet to tip with our 3 year old and she’s been using it since she was about 18 months old! Although I may have to have my husband make one of these towers for #2 — my daughter will not give up “her chair” any time soon!


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