A Recipe for Homeschool Happiness

Post by Contributing Writer, Daniele

A new year of home-based education is around the corner for some as we anticipate learning and growing with our little ones (or big ones)!  Fresh books, new ideas and excitement awaits as we gear up for the adventure.  Perhaps you’ve already started the journey?

Though we begin with gusto, sometimes even our best-laid plans seem to go awry.  The work gets tough, the days drone on and Moms get tired.  Exhausted even.

In those moments of tiredness, of monotony is when we need to dig deep into the reservoir of grace available to us through Christ.  We are not alone in the journey!  Reminding ourselves of a few encouragements can go a long way when things feel upside-down.  So today, I offer a recipe.

A recipe for homeschool happiness.

Begin with FIVE heaping cups of  ‘ease up’ :: ever notice how we are our own worst critic?  We feed into the trap of comparison or unnecessary guilt over concerns that have little value in the long run.  Commit this year to prayerfully avoiding those pitfalls; and if you fall in, jump out and move on!

Next, add FOUR ounces of ‘do a little less’ :: chances are, we may be planning to do too much.  Take a hard look at the curriculum & lesson plans and prayerfully evaluate — is there room and flexibility as needed?  This is not a sprint, but a marathon with miles and miles to run.  Let’s not burn out too early on.

Mix in THREE tablespoons of ‘change-it-up’ :: we need a structure, we need a routine — but we can be too rigid and too organized as well.  Let’s allow the schedule to be a servant and not a taskmaster over our households!  And if the days are dragging, change things up and take a field trip, do school outdoors, pause for a creative pursuit — it’s okay, the academics are waiting when you get back.

Almost done!  Add TWO servings of the ‘unity of community’ :: our family is not an island unto itself and we as educators need circles of friendship.  Other parents on the journey who can relate, commiserate, support, challenge and celebrate with us.  Isolation doesn’t benefit us or our children and is a breeding ground for discouragement.  Stay connected!

Finally, offer the whole recipe, our entire school year, to the only ONE who can make it count.  Who will take our successes, the flops and failures and mix it together with His grace, making it beautiful.

A pleasant, happy homeschool is possible — may God grace us for the journey!

Daniele is a pastor’s wife and homeschooling mama of five–a woman on a journey towards intentional living.  She celebrates family, gathers up grace, and nurtures the spirit over at Domestic Serenity. You’re welcome to visit!

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6 comments to A Recipe for Homeschool Happiness

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  • Emily

    Love this! Thanks for the encouraging “recipe”!


  • Dee

    Now you see, that’s a recipe I can actually follow! :) My problem is that I tend to run out of “do a little less” but I’m going to try my hardest to stock up and add it to everything this year. 😉

    Thanks for this great recipe!!


  • Our state’s annual homeschool convention was this weekend and it really motivates and encourages me-but boy are there a LOT of options out there. My problem is that I’d love to do a bunch of them, but I know most of them won’t work with my son, so I have to just walk on by the appealing booths.
    Can we add in one giant heap of encouragement? All the “good feelings” I got were quickly plowed under when we picked up our son, but I need to not let that happen…


  • […] are my plans going?  Somewhat wobbly, to be honest.  I think of encouragement written just a short time ago and contemplate how I need to ‘ease-it-up’ just a little for homeschool […]

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