Weekend Inspiration {7.9}

I’m preparing for a busy week ahead, but I’m still taking time to savor the summer with early morning yoga & tea, weeding flowerbeds, wandering up the hill on dewy mornings to pick bouquets of flowers for vases, and cooking with fragrant lavender (more on that soon!).





  • The Oil @ Pearls & Grace… It flows. It loves. It pours. A beautiful way to live.



  • Finger Knitted Flowers @ The Magic Onions… The best finger-knitting tutorial I’ve seen yet; and I now have yarn scraps all over the floor.

{Bookshelf} (all cookbooks this week!)

{Window Shopping}

Periwinkle Sky Adorable artwork!

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

{Photo Credit}

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3 comments to Weekend Inspiration {7.9}

  • Your photos are just beautiful! I always enjoy reading. Have a blessed week. ~ Ruth


    Michele Reply:

    Thanks, Ruth. The photo is from flickr (you can check out the photo credit for the specific details if you want, on the photographer). But we’re enjoying the same foxglove flowers here right now! :)


  • Oh, what super links you have shared… I now have a few new favorite places :-)
    And, thanks so much for the link love… glad you are having fun finger knitting.
    Blessings and magic,


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