Brunch Zucchini (for dinner)

That time of year has arrived when bags of large zucchinis are gifted to neighbors, and cooks are trying to sneak just one more bit of that abundant garden produce into a meal.

At least one member of our family is not a zucchini fan, so I created a “brunch-type” recipe (for dinner, actually) to use up one large squash in our fridge. It’s a frugal, but filling alternative to meat-stuffed zucchini recipes (but if you like, a bit of Italian sausage mixed in would be fine).

I served the majority of the dish in “zucchini boats,” but for the young zucchini-detester, I just served the filling (with a dollop of ketchup), which successfully camouflaged the zucchini pieces.

Brunch Zucchini

1 medium-large Zucchini (before it gets too “seedy”), or a few small ones
4-6 Eggs (I used 3 double-yolk jumbo eggs!)
1/2 Tomato, diced
1/4 cup Sweet Onion, diced
Sprinkle of Basil, Parsley, or other dried (or fresh) herbs
Salt & Pepper, to taste
1 Tbl. Butter
1/2 Cup grated Cheese (We like Pepper Jack, but any kind would work.)
Organic Ketchup, to serve (optional)

Fill a large pot with water, and heat to boiling. Meanwhile, slice the zucchini lengthwise in half to make 2 long pieces. Scoop out the middle of the zucchini, leaving a small remainder of the squash around the sides to create “bowls/boats” with the zucchini. Chop up the scooped-out zucchini middle, and place in a bowl.

Once the water is boiling, place the zucchini shells into the water to parboil for about 8 minutes. Remove from boiling water, and place into a baking dish.

Add eggs, tomato, onion, salt & pepper, and dried herbs to the bowl, along with the zucchini piceces. Mix well with a fork. Heat butter in a frying pan, and then saute the scrambled egg/zucchini mixture until cooked.

Serve the scrambled egg/veggie mixture topped with grated cheese and ketchup, or add the egg mixture into the zucchini boats (in the baking dish). Top the zucchini boats with grated cheese, and heat in a 375 degree oven for about 5 minutes until the cheese is melted.

One young unsuspecting diner did find the zucchini pieces, but thought they were potato- and ate it all. The self-proclaimed “zucchini-detester” never did mention any squash discovery- and ate it all as well (assuming the rest of us with the “boats” were eating all the zucchini, I think)!

We served this alongside a summer fruit salad of watermelon and berries.  A delicious success!

Have you been dishing up zucchini often this summer?

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