He is Two.

Happy Birthday, Enoch!

Oh, little man… how have two years passed so quickly?

You’ve shown us your steady, determined personality from the beginning, and it has been so fun to watch this continue to develop in the past year especially. You are certain of what you want, and your love for life is contagious.

Whether you’re belting out a song and dance from your favorite perch of the shopping cart seat, tackling your sister on the lawn, helping as Daddy’s official sidekick or Mama’s taste-tester buddy, kneeling to pray with us at communion with your own hushed whispers, cuddling with your grandparents, rejoicing at the big trucks and motorcycles speeding down the highway, heading to bed with “brown blankie & green blankie,” or insisting “Me do it!” with new tasks these days, we give thanks for your presence in our family.

We’ll celebrate with your chosen favorites- a day of barbecued hot dogs, watermelon, and peanut butter dessert, playing outside, and treasured family.

You’re such a gift, sweet lad. Happy, happy day.

Love, Daddy, Mama, & Gen

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4 comments to He is Two.

  • Happy Birthday! May he always walk with God as his namesake! Have a fun year!


  • Jenny

    Happy birthday sweet Enoch! I’ll never forget the day you were born…I love you and am looking forward to playing this fall! XOXO – Friend Jenny


    Michele Reply:

    And we’ll always remember you being there, friend. Thank you. We miss you & look forward to visiting with you soon!
    Love, Michele


  • Erika

    Happy belated Birthday. I could swear I just read about his home birth last year,. :) time does sure fly. Praise God for your wonderful blessing.


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