Old Jeans to Quick Baby Bib

As a frugal gift for a nephew who will be turning one soon, I stitched up a “big boy” bib from his uncle’s old jeans!

Inspired by a bib tutorial in the book Crafty Mama, I adapted it to be (hopefully) a bit more long-lasting, and less of the “frayed” look the author suggests.

The book includes a pattern template to photocopy and enlarge, but I just traced a bib we already had on hand. (You could also use one of the free patterns that I used for the fleece/flannel pocket bib I made a couple years ago.)

I decided to use a quick “turned & stitched” method, in order to add a cotton lining fabric to the back of the denim bib. Perfect for a “little cowboy,” I used some red star fabric from my stash- including a scrap piece to applique a star on the front.

I had a couple big decorative snaps from the thrift store, which I was able to apply with my basic snap setter as the closure. (The book instructions suggest velcro, but I find that snap bibs stay on busy little ones better. However, I wasn’t sure the snaps would make it through that thick denim, and almost resorted back to velcro.)

To stitch through the denim, you’ll want to make sure to use a good sturdy needle. I wasn’t able to find a denim needle, so I used a ballpoint needle (and broke two in the process!).

It was a quick project to sew. I was able to complete it in the time a load of laundry took to wash. Once the laundry was ready to go on the line, the bib was done!

This sweet little boy will have a “not-so-baby” bib to wear out on the farm now- perfect for munching corn on the cob or enjoying a barbecue!

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