A Simple Three-Block Quilt

When a sweet friend gave birth to her first baby (a little girl) this summer, I knew I wanted to make a special baby quilt as a gift.

But life got busy, and the project kept getting put aside.

Soon, the baby shower date (for a Sunday afternoon) approached… and I ended starting the quilt project on the Friday afternoon before the shower.

I pulled out some of my favorite fabrics from my stash, and decided to keep the design simple. I stuck with a “rectangular stripes” design, and quickly cut the fabric strips as I chatted with a visiting sister-in-law.

Technically, this crib-sized quilt only has three quilt blocks, which are sewn in a row, and then bordered with wide edges (about 6″).

I had limited sewing time, as I didn’t want to be running a noisy sewing machine when overnight guests arrived later that evening. So, I spent a couple hours on the quilt on Friday, and then picked up the project again on Saturday afternoon (wondering if I really would complete it in time).

For the binding, I used a technique similar to Martha Stewart’s Simple Baby Quilt Project. (It’s not “real bias binding;” it’s just strips of fabric, not cut on the bias.) I kept my binding mostly to the back of the quilt as a fun accent, since the backing fabric is just a plain, unbleached muslin.

I sewed the binding on with a basic decorative hem stitch on my sewing machine, instead of the time-consuming hand sewing that I usually do for quilt binding.

Thankfully, it only took a few hours total to complete the quilt! I was able to wrap it up, attach a handmade card, and present it to the happy mama on that Sunday.

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6 comments to A Simple Three-Block Quilt

  • What a fun project! Thanks for sharing!


  • Lesley

    Love it! I’m desperate to start quilting again… ah, to have time at home for my crafts! :)


  • Kelly Welch

    You’re quilt turned out darling (and I am a big fan of homemade gifts)! One friend made me a baby quilt that was truly a simple affair—she chose some of those wonderfully soft polar fleeces, one pattern on one side, one pattern on the other, sewed them with a thick batting between, and did the little yarn “knots” at regular intervals. It’s on my “bucket list” of things to make someday. :)


  • My mother-in-law loves quilting and does lots of “quilt in a day” quilts where all the cutting and sewing is done in strips so that the top comes together very quickly — in a day! This is the simplest pattern that she does — she calls it an Amish Bar Quilt. They also work nicely as a twin or lap sized quilt!


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