Preserving Nature’s Beauty

Post by Contributing Writer, Emily C.

September is the month that pulls us out of our long lazy days of summer. It is when we sharpen our new pencils and settle back into the routine that is school.

We anticipate the cool crisp days of autumn as we glimpse their presence in the earlier evening dusk. We spend less and less time outside frolicking in the sun and we begin to turn our busy hands inside to prepare our nests for winter.

Summer beckons us outdoors, produces flowers for our vases, fruit for our table, crisp warm sunshine for our skin. As we turn into our homes for this next season there are so many fun and creative ways to bring the last bits of summer and the first touches of autumn inside with us.

  • Bring in a natural centerpiece. It could be a vase of late-blooming flowers, a collection of fresh fruits in a bowl or shells surrounding a cluster of candles. The creative options are endless when you start to play around with bringing in different elements from outdoors.
  • Wreaths are for all seasons. With a simple frame from a craft store you can pin, tuck and turn just about any flower, greenery, seed, or food into a beautiful decoration for your home that will preserve the last bits of any season for just a bit longer on your front door. I loved making this acorn version last fall, and Michele made a mossy version.
  • Create a photo journal of simple, beautiful, inspiring images you snap of the natural world all around you. Take a picture of the juicy tomatoes dripping from their branches or photograph the willow tree down by the river. Tuck the printed pictures into a small photo album and lay it on your coffee table or on a nearby bookshelf where you can flip through it often and be reminded of the bountiful beauty and goodness that nature offers.
  • Extend the summer days of digging in the dirt and exploring the outdoors by starting out your school year with a little bit of nature journaling. Give everyone a small notebook and pencil and allow them to explore and document the things they find or experience in the yard or on a walk.
  • Take walks, regularly. As part of your school day with the kids or as part of your evening routine. Collect leaves (then go home and do leaf rubbings!), ask your kids/spouse/neighbor/walking buddy how their day was or what their dreams are, be quiet and listen to all the sounds of your neighborhood. You may even begin a habit that becomes a tradition that holds memories you would never imagine you are creating.
  • Create a small space for a nature table in your home. Bring in interesting things that you find outside and allow children to arrange and rearrange the treasure over and over again. Your table will begin to naturally reflect the changing of the seasons indoors.

May you be constantly reminded by all the beautiful natural things around you that God gives good things in abundance. Thus the heavens and the earth were completed in all their vast array. Genesis 2:1

Emily lives in Salt Lake City with her husband Jeremy and their 3 wild and crazy kiddos! She loves reading, running, baking yummy treats for her family, her early morning yoga, walking to the library and all things creative and crafty. She especially enjoys exploring nature with her children and learning side by side with them. You’ll find her chatting about all aspects of life at her blog, Industrious Emily* and also sharing her crafty side through the blog, Life at the Table.

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