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There was much happy cheering in my family (really!) when our family opened up the box from our sponsor, Jeniunely Pure, a few weeks ago.

Everyone found their favorites, and I loved knowing that all the items were organic and safe, created by a mama for my family.

Photo from Jenuinely Pure

I had been really lax about my “face-washing routine” at bedtime during this season, but the fabulously-lemongrass-scented Cleanser has solved that for me. It comes in a big, handy foaming dispenser (so you know it’ll last a long time!), and sits right by my sink.

(The instructions suggest the amount of 2 “pumps” per application, but I’ve found that just one is fine for me; this really should last awhile!)

Then I follow up with my usual favorite rose water (or, she offers a selection of Astringent or Toner), along with the lovely Moisturizer, if desired. (Some good things to have on hand, during the hormonal fluctuations of pregnancy- and their effect on skin- these days.)

My daughter has claimed the Moisturizer, actually. Her skin usually needs it more than mine, and both hard-playing children of mine had some skin areas that needed it, after playing out in the wind and getting some scrapes during play.

My calendula salve had helped start the healing, but the incredible oils of the Moisturizer (including Tamanu and Rose Hip) quickly restored their skin, after I applied a tiny amount at bedtime! (And my daughter honestly fell asleep whispering, “It smells so good…”)

I do tend to have a small dry area on my face during pregnancy, and this moisturizer has been the most effective treatment I’ve tried yet over the years.

Photo from Jenuinely Pure

My Beloved snagged the big bar of Cinnamon Oatmeal soap, after a long day of cutting firewood with a chainsaw (and coming home smelling like chainsaw gas!). He enjoys a good “manly”-scented soap that he can use to really clean up; and the rest of us appreciated the better-smelling effects, too.

The spray bottle of All-Purpose Cleaner is perfect for cleaning children’s toys before I teach a class in our church’s nursery each week. My 2-year-old loves helping me clean! It’s good to see that they sell refill jugs, too, so you don’t have to repurchase spray bottles.

I found the Lime-Scented Lip Balm to be delightful for soothing a bit of motion sickness in the car (and I’m thinking it’s a good one to have on hand for pregnancy nausea, as well!).

I wish I could share all this rejuvenating goodness with all of you, so:

Jenuinely Pure is offering to give away a $30 Gift Certificate to one Frugal Granola reader!

To Enter the Giveaway:

Visit Jenuinely Pure, and leave a comment on this blog post letting us know what product(s) interest you the most!

For an optional extra entry, let us know if you “Like” Jenuinely Pure’s page on Facebook (leave a second comment on this blog post).


Jenuinely Pure is offering a 15% discount with the code FG15 on all orders through 10/25/11.

Giveaway ends 10/23/11. No purchase necessary. Winner will be randomly selected by Jenuinely Pure is a sponsor of Frugal Granola, and I received compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.
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