The God of Raindrop Blessings

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Post by Contributing Writer, Daniele

Growing up Christian, I fell in love with the words of God pretty much instantly.  Somewhere in the depths of my archived belongings lies a little red New Testament, my first Bible, a gift I treasured for years.

Just a wisp of a girl I was, but one who had an intense affection for all things wordy, so Scriptures fit right in.  I read it, memorized it, and loved the way passages flowed in that Old English style.

Yet, one set of scriptures always left me wondering.  I couldn’t quite make sense of it, but embraced words just the same.

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds…”

“….because you know the testing of your faith produces perseverance.” (James 1:2-3)

I would listen to Sunday School teachers, the pastor, everyone talk about this verse — it sure was popular in our day.  One primary reason for lack of understanding was obviously my age.  At seven, ten or even early teens, I hadn’t quite experienced ‘trials of many kinds’ — thankfully.  There are many children today who would beat my record.

And so I simply believed that it must be true — God doesn’t lie.

Then that little girl grew up.

At times, I’ve found myself struggling to simply believe as rains of life have washed away hopes, dreams or ideas. Surrounded by countless stories, I see the lives of many who understand by experience the realities of those scriptures.  I stand witness to raindrop blessings and tearful healings.

Seasons of incredible darkness, repeated disappointments and the deepest of sorrows — ‘trials of many kinds’.

They are my stories.  They are your stories.

We rest in the bed of heartbreak, like my little girl self, not comprehending.  Bad things happen to good people and just how it all works out in the end, is well…often beyond our limited view.  I don’t know why sometimes the way home is through the storm.

May I encourage our hearts today, however?

God. Doesn’t. Lie.

I want to believe like that little girl.

With childlike faith, to embrace the joy offered right in the middle of difficulty.

To open myself to the rain and the blessings, the tears and the healing that eventually comes.

Daniele is a pastor’s wife and homeschooling mama of five–a woman on a journey towards intentional living.  She celebrates family, gathers up grace, and nurtures the spirit over at Domestic Serenity. You’re welcome to visit!

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